Row, Row, Row Your Boat Away From The Iowa Caucus

by Erin Corbett

Ted Cruz may have won the 2016 Republican Iowa caucus — followed by Donald Trump and Marco Rubio — someone else stole the spotlight from him. During a rally in preparation for Monday night's caucuses, Cruz spoke to a crowd of supporters. Meanwhile, Rowing Dude couldn't be bothered with the democratic process, and just stuck to his workout of row, row, rowing.

Rowing Dude doesn't seem to even notice the Republican candidate — whose campaign team clearly didn't consider the importance of the man's workout routine when scheduling this rally (or think about closing down the rest of the facilities for the wannabe presidential stop). But just add this to the list of strange happenings at Cruz events. It's not the first time someone has stolen his thunder.

On Jan. 31, Cruz hosted his last big pre-caucus rally, in Des Moines, Iowa, where an attendee got a little too excited and shouted at him, "Ted Cruz looks so weird!" to which he responded, "Is that Donald Trump in the back?" I'm curious to see what else will unfold at future Cruz rallies as the primaries take off, starting with New Hampshire on Feb. 9.

But the case of Rowing Dude was brilliantly captured by journalist Jon Ward. Check out the video here:

Cruz isn't the only candidate who had to share his winning spotlight, though. Sticker Cheeks Guy definitely won the Democratic Caucuses, stealing them from both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Just keep rowing, dude.