Bath & Body Works Is Bringing Back Some Classics

Brace yourselves, '90s kids, because your summer is about to be filled with nostalgia. According to Allure, Bath & Body Works is bringing back eight '90s fragrances just in time for summer. That means you can sit by the pool and lather on scents from a simpler time, just like you did in the good 'ole days. Although the exact scents will remain a mystery until the end of May, there are a few fragrances that would without a doubt make my inner middle-schooler jump for joy.

There is nothing '90s beauty lovers more than bringing back the classics. This isn't the first time that Bath & Body Works has re-released some old school scents, but this time the brand is bringing back eight scents instead of six. Whether that means throwbacks from the first round, which included White Tea & Ginger, Plumeria, Pearberry, Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, and Juniper Breeze, will be returning or not remains to be seen. Either way, you should expect to go mall hopping on May 27 to find out for yourself.

I see this as the perfect opportunity to bring some other classics back as well. There's no shame in grabbing your Bonne Belle lipstick, throwing some butterfly clips in your hair, and hitting the mall. Thankfully you won't have to be dropped off by your mom this time.

With so many new scents constantly coming to Bath & Body Works, it's nice to see the company hasn't forgotten how it started. Of course, there's a good chance that the packaging will be updated like it was last time, but it's really the scents that count. Here are few classics that they should bring back for summer.

1. Fresh Sliced Melon

Vintage Fresh Sliced Melon, $50,

Since they already brought Cucumber Melon back, this would be the perfect one to include this time around.

2. Sun-Ripened Raspberry

Sun-Ripened Raspberry Body Wash, $20,

I can't think of a better way to head into summer than by wearing some sun-ripened fruit on your body.

3. Citrus Punch

Citrus Punch Body Cream, $30,

The company already has a Salted Pineapple Punch, so this throwback would fit right in.

4. Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy Splash Spray, $50,

A floral fragrance would be perfect for summer. It's a little strong, but the '90s be all about being bold.

5. Honeyed Almond

Bath & Body Works Splash, $40,

Tell me that doesn't sound delicious and you'd be lying.

6. Green Clover & Aloe

Green Clover & Aloe Splash, $40,

I specifically remember my mom telling me that this was not the same as regular Aloe as I tried to spray it all over my sunburnt body.

7. Crystal Blue Waters

Crystal Blue Waters Splash, $40,

Face mists are trendy right now, so this could be the perfect time for a scent like this to come back into stock.

Moral of the story: vintage Bath & Body Works scents are really expensive on eBay, so buy them straight from the source this May.

Images: bathandbodyworks/Instagram (1), (7)