11 Reasons To Rock An Alternative Outfit To Prom

It may seem like prom-time is all about tradition: From waiting to be asked out by your dream date to choosing the perfect dress, the whole process can come across as a bit too set in its ways. So why not set a new standard and rock an alternative prom outfit instead of the traditional gown? Whether you're doing it purely for fashion reasons, to stay true to who you are, or just to make the point that traditions only hold the importance that we give them, wearing an alternative prom ensemble can be the perfect way to stand out for all the right reasons.

In my high school, dyeing your hair an "unnatural" color was banned — so for my prom, I painted my hair pink and wore an all-pink outfit to represent how I would change and grow after graduating. (Plus, it looked badass.) Of course, you should remember that doing something different for your prom look doesn't have to be limited to swapping a skirt for a suit. That said, wearing a baby blue suit to prom in honor of David Bowie is a look that I'm hoping to see a lot of this year.

If you can't find the right words to sum up why you want to go for an alternative prom look, I hope these reasons for why you should will help justify your motives to both yourself and to anyone who questions you.

1. You Will Stand Out

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In a sea of different pastel-toned gowns, who wouldn't want to be the person wearing something entirely different? Sure, the other girls will look beautiful, but you will look interesting and beautiful.

2. You Might Be More Comfortable

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Whether this translates to being more comfortable in your own skin or it being a hell of a lot easier to pee, prom fashion doesn't have to cause you any discomfort if you don't want it to. So make like Kourtney Kardashian and rock a jumpsuit in the sea of dresses.

3. It'll Be Something Fascinating To Look Back On


Let any future grandkids or future young people know how badass you were (and still are) by having a great prom story. You can tell them all about the time you wore a breathtakingly alternative prom outfit and absolutely killed it.

4. You Can Be True To Who You Are

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You would probably look beautiful in an expensive tulle dress. Your mom would love it and your friends might want to steal it. But if it's not who you are, what's the point? Nothing looks better in prom photos than a person who's living their authentic truth.

5. You Can Challenge Gender Norms


Fight the power and fight tradition by representing the fluidity of gender in your prom look.

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6. And Be Perpetually Fashionable

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Different styles of dress flit in and out of vogue, but a solid suit or a totally original look will always be in style. You can look back on your prom pics without any cringing whatsoever.

7. You'll Avoid Regrets

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You don't want to look back days, weeks, months, or even years after the event and wish you'd worn that fringe kimono that Rihanna would totally sport on a tour stage, do you?

8. You Can Lead The Way For Others


Be an inspiration: If you wear something alternative to your prom, others after you will be more likely to do so for their own dances.

9. The Prom Pictures Will Be Legit Awesome

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Stand out from the crowd and glimpse back in delight at how awesome you looked in your prom photos.

10. You'll Be Giving Yourself More Choices

Even if you do end up going for a dress, at least you gave yourself twice the amount of options that other folks more bound by rules and regulations would allow themselves.

11. You Can Fight The Importance Placed On Tradition


Time changes, people change, society changes, and a lot of traditions based in the past should remain there. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget as much. So fight back through your fashionable take on prom style.

My parting words? Go out there and wear what you want, not what others expect you to want.

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