Too Faced Born This Way Concealer Is Coming Soon

Too Faced has been on a roll with eyeshadow palettes lately, but it looks like its got something else in the works as well. Adding to the foundation line by the same name, Too Faced is launching a Born This Way Concealer just in time for summer. With a decent range of shades and a brand new formula, I can't think of a better way to head into the warm weather months.

As if the makeup company isn't already doing enough, Too Faced has decided to make a brand new concealer line that coincides with its existing Born This Way foundation. Unlike the brand's current squeezable Absolutely Flawless Concealer, the Born This Way version is packaged in tube with a doe foot applicator at the end. It also has way larger of a color range. There will be ten different hues to choose from, ranging from very fair to deep.

Not to mention that the formula is completely different. The concealer is infused with skincare products like coconut oil, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid to create a "smoother, more youthful appearance," according to the brand website. It's also designed to look just as good on its own as it does with foundation. That's a winning product, if you ask me.

According to the brand's recent Instagram post, the concealer is being released very soon. How soon? Try June 15. That means you'll be able to rock this new Too Faced product before summer officially begins.

The $28 product is a little bit pricier than the Too Faced current concealer, but it's totally worth it when you consider all the skincare benefits of the new formula. Here's a peek at all the different shades so you can know your plan of attack come June 15.

1. Very Fair

Born This Way Concealer in Very Fair, $28,

This is the lightest shade of the collection. It's got a pink undertone to create natural looking coverage for fair skinned makeup lovers.

2. Fair

Born This Way Concealer in Fair, $28,

This next step up has a bit of a more pink tint to it, making it perfect for all the cool toned people out there.

3. Light

Born This Way Concealer in Light, $28,

This one is great for light, warm-toned people.

4. Light Medium

Born This Way Concealer in Light Medium, $28,

Getting a little bit darker, this one if for medium shades that has a warmer undertone.

5. Medium

Born This Way Concealer in Medium, $28,

Smack dab in the middle comes a much more tan color.

6. Medium Tan

Born This Way Concealer in Medium Tan, $28,

Inching its way to the deeper shades comes this cool tone tan color.

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7. Tan

Born This Way Concealer in Tan, $28,

Then we have the warm toned Tan.

8. Deep Tan

Born This Way Concealer in Deep Tan, $28,

Sticking again with the alternating undertones, this is a smidge darker than tan with a much more cool toned hint.

9. Dark

Born This Way Concealer in Dark, $28,

This isn't the deepest color, but it's getting close.

10. Deep

Born This Way Concealer in Dark, $28,

This is the darkest color of the line.

Gotta love a wide range of shades!

Images: TooFaced/Instagram (1), (10)