Bet On Whether Your Friends Will Break Up

Let's be honest. Endlessly swiping left on Tinder probably seems a heck of a lot less interesting than gossiping about your friends' love lives. Now, there's an app for that. Forever|NOT lets you bet on whether or not your BFF's new relationship — or even Kanye and Kim's — will last. And to make it big in the world of Forever|NOT, you can't afford to be nice, only right.

Forever|NOT works kind of like Tinder. It accesses your Facebook information to find out which of your friends are in relationships and analyzes their interactions. Based on this cold scientific measurement of their present and future happiness, Forever|NOT then gives them a score. If you think the pair is solid, you swipe left. If you think there's trouble in paradise, right.

Although everything is done anonymously, your coupled-up friends can see how many people predicted their doom. Ouch. But if you're dating someone, Forever|NOT totally has your back (at least in terms of fooling your friends into thinking your life is a romantic comedy). They suggest:

1. Don't fight in public!

2. Tell your friends all the great things your significant other does for you (if they don't, fake it!)

3. Send flowers to your girlfriend at work or school so everyone else sees

4. Message your friends that you support their relationship and invite them to bet on yours

5. PDA is GOOD

Is it just me, or do these sound like rules Regina George would come up with?

If you actually predict a couple's future accurately, you don't get any money, or any type of material reward. Instead, you just get the satisfaction of knowing you have the power of precognition. And, you know, the power to beat all your other friends who have the app and prove you're the #1 relationships expert. The pushy matchmaker inside me couldn't be happier.