Real Techniques' New Diamond Sponge Is So Pretty

Do you love your beauty sponge? Maybe you picked up the top-of-the-line, or skimped for a cheap drugstore alternative. Whatever you're working with is about to be old news because Real Techniques has a new line of beauty blenders, and they are stunning. So when does the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge come out? Mark your calendars.

The new Real Technique Miracle Sponges are available now online, and the Miracle Diamond Sponge is available on August 15. The collection features three new sponges: the purple Miracle Mini Eraser, the pink Miracle Sculpting Sponge, and the marbled Miracle Diamond Sponge. Each new sponge will be available online at and in Ulta. The new diamond sponge will cost $10, which is a great buy considering the original orange Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge retails for $6 and is beloved by celebrity makeup artists. Some artists, like YouTube sensation Jaclyn Hill, prefer the Real Techniques sponge over the Orginal Beautyblender. That's big talk!

The new sponges feature unique shapes and a variety of edges for makeup application. Each of the new sponges has flat, pointed, and round edges for buffing and blending any product, anywhere. Two mini sponges cost $6, while one Miracle Sculpting Sponge is $6.

Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on the giant marbled Miracle Diamond Sponge. It's the size of a 900 carat diamond, but soft and squishy with 13 facets for different applications.

Even better: no two Miracle Diamond Sponges are alike, so how you use yours is totally unique.

The Diamond Sponge is a part of the Bold Metals Collection, which is a bit pricier than the typical RT brushes. But given the quality, it's totally worth it!

I can't wait to try out this sponge.

Image: Real Techniques/Instagram; Real Techniques