People Are Excited About MAC x Taraji P. Henson

MAC has had a lot of collabs this year, but people are more excited than ever for their latest launch. Taraji P. Henson helped create six makeup products for the brand, and people are pretty darn excited about it. As if the makeup items themselves don't already show how great the combo is, Twitter reactions prove that these two are a beauty match made in heaven.

In case you missed the exciting news, Taraji P. Henson x MAC is coming super soon. Like, Sept. 6 soon. I'm talking an entire line of makeup staples that you need in your makeup bag. Just because the collab is made up of basic products, doesn't mean this isn't huge news though. With two brand new highlighters, a nude lipstick, mascara, liquid liner, and even a makeup brush, there's a lot to be excited about.

The best part is that no matter what your skin tone is, these products will likely look great on you. Actually, this is pretty much the most versatile collection I've seen in a long time. Sometimes in collabs the colors are too bold for some or are just too simple for others, but this is truly the perfect mix. While some of the products are kept completely neutral the lighter and darker highlighters prove that the two went out of their way to make this collection work for more than just one skin tone.

People are noticing all the effort that was put into the line too. Fans of MAC, the actress, and both are taking to Twitter to show how excited they are for the big launch. Here are some of the reactions that sum up how people are feeling.

Just take the money now, MAC.

That was my exact reaction too.


Spoken like the queen herself.

Even non-makeup lovers are excited.

Enough said.

The power of Henson is real.

Bye, money! See you later!

Needless to say, this collab is popular already, and it hasn't even hit the virtual shop yet.

Images: Courtesy MAC