Get Tarte's Big Blush Book 2 While You Can

Palettes are everything. They make life so much easier because they store your favorite items in one convenient place. So, it just makes sense to buy a palette full of all of the blushes you could ever need, doesn’t it? YAS! Is Tarte’s Big Blush Book 2 limited edition? I’m glad your head’s in the right place. Because this is exactly the kind of thing you’ll need to know before heading over to the Tarte Cosmetics website to make a purchase.

This book is filled with eight different blush shades, and with a range this big, you’ll never need to use another blush in your life. It is in fact limited edition, and according to the brand’s Instagram, the first version of these blush babies sold out quickly. In that case, you better go ahead and get this while you still can. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on this $224 value that you can practically steal for just $60.

Big Blush Book 2, $60, Tarte Cosmetics

If that sounds like your kind of deal, then you better head over to Tarte Cosmetics and get your hands on this while supplies last. You’re limited one product per purchase, so you won’t be able to buy a lifetime supply of these bad boys, no matter how badly you want to. All the more reason to take advantage of this rare opportunity, if you ask me!

Big Blush Book 2, $60, Tarte Cosmetics

This limited edition palette is definitely worth a buy.

Because something this incredible (at this affordable price point) doesn't come around often.

Big Blush Book 2, $60, Tarte Cosmetics

There are eight dreamy shades at your disposal.

Big Blush Book 2, $60, Tarte Cosmetics

Go on and buy this beauty. You know you want to.

Images: Courtesy Tarte Cosmetics (2)