Finally, A Web Series About Tinder Dating

When it comes to dating these days, Tinder proves to be quite the useful tool (results may vary). Countless stories have sprouted from using the dating app, whether they be about an accidental match with a classmate or successful late-night hookup. That's why Coneflower Productions brings you "Local Attraction," an up-and-coming web series based off of "finding love in your radius."

The pilot episode features Trent and Maeve. The two are just your average singles meeting for a harmless Tinder dinner date. Nothing like romance in the 21st century. The 19-minute-long episode opens on Trent waiting for his Tinderella, who arrives late because of a delay on the F train. Typical.

Right off the bat, the two exchange awkward comments revealing their true personalities, something not always transparent when using trusty Tinder. The cringe-worthy moments to follow are, sadly, too relatable. Poor Maeve sticks the date out like the trooper — dodging Trent's shots at her less-than-glamorous lifestyle.

But one aspect remains constantly hilarious throughout the episode is that, for legal reason, the actors cannot explicitly say "Tinder," instead they say "Timber." Please tell me you haven't changed the lyrics to Ke$ha's hit single once you've been matched. I dare you to say otherwise.

To see the complete awkward spectacular yourself, watch the video below. Swipers beware.