'PLL's Ghost Mona is As Fab as You'd Expect

Okay, I have to admit: When I first heard that Pretty Little Liars' inaugural Christmas special would be featuring Mona as the ghost of Christmas present, past, and future, I was skeptical... I mean, Halloween ghosts are one thing, but Christmas ghosts? And a Dickens-inspired plot? It was a lot to digest — but really, what was I thinking? That's like the first rule of PLL: Don't question I. Marlene King and her twisty-turny plot elements, no matter how fantastical. As soon as I caught a glimpse of Mona's new digs, my faith was completely restored.

The show's ever-fabulous costume designer, Mandi Line, posted a couple snaps of Janel Parrish (guess she's firing on all cylinders; filming Pretty Little Liars by day and dancing her way to the DWTS finals by night) in full ghostly Mona drag, and it's definitely cause for celebration. From her silvery fright wig (which sports some major volume, even by PLL's ridiculously voluminous hair standards), to her crazy-vampy makeup (she's kind of wearing the smoky eye to end all smoky eyes, and her dark lipstick is pure wintry perfection) to her deconstructed, tulle-abundant gown... it's all just so perfect, that I know we're in for a great ride.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram