Kim Looks Exactly Like Kris On Her ELLE UK Cover

People tell me all the time that I'm the spitting image of my mother. And I always take it as a compliment — my mom is the strongest, most beautiful woman I know. So I mean this in the best way: Kim Kardashian looks exactly like Kris Jenner on the January cover of ELLE UK, and I hope she's flattered by the comparison.

Jenner gets a lot of flak, both on Keeping Up With the Kardashians plus all of its related spinoffs and in the press, but I actually have some serious admiration for the woman. She's not just a "momager": She's running an empire, and she's running it well. She's savvy, smart, and, like her children, beautiful.

It's fitting that the lookalike cover is for the magazine's Confidence Issue, because if there's one woman in Hollywood who exudes as much self-assurance as Mrs. Kardashian-West, it's Jenner.

The magazine has both a newsstand cover and a subscriber cover — while the subscriber cover boasts Kardashian's Jenner-clone image, the black-and-white newsstand cover has Kim holding a cupcake in a fun fringe striped top and high-waisted short shorts.

Take a peek at both versions, and you'll see what I mean: Like mother, like daughter, indeed. I just can't wait to see what North looks like when she's all grown up.

Images: Instagram/@KimKardashian0123