Prabal Gurung Is Doing Shoes

Move over Mssrs. Louboutin, Atwood, and Blahnik. Prabal Gurung, known for his bold and bright, "look at me" patterns, is putting his best foot forward and he wants to give women and heel lovers a shoegasm! Don't all shriek at once, shoe fetishists, over the amazing news that Prabal Gurung will launch his first luxury shoe range next year. This news comes hot on the, ahem, heels of Gurung's partnership with MAC for a golden glam collection with divine packaging.

Gurung's decision to launch a range of shoes was a careful one. He knew his shoe game would have to be strong and that it would come in time. He wanted to attain a degree of success with his ready-to-wear line, which launched in 2009, before migrating downward to the foot.

"Instead of getting immediately into it, I wanted to understand the business," the designer told WWD. "I've always been fascinated by this idea of completing a look. As an apparel designer, you start by creating clothes, and there is always a shoe you envision, especially on the runway."

Gurung has collaborated with the aforementioned Manolo Blahnik, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Cesare Casadei, all of who have some serious shoe cred. He took all of that experience and distilled it into foot fashions bearing his name.

Gurung's passion for travel — he claims that accessories are the universal language of fashion and among women — informed his perspective for his Spring 2015 shoe collection. Trips and his own heritage inspired what he designed. He admitted, "Having grown up in Nepal, I really value my solitude time when I'm exploring. The first season was inspired by luxurious trekking. You'll see strap details, little spikes, very much what I see in nature."

Of course the footwear is inspired by luxurious trekking! I can't imagine Gurung shoes looking like, but in the meantime, here's what we know so far about the line.

1. The Shoes Are Pricey — And Limited

The prices range from $695 to $1165. There will be six styles to start, as Gurung is focusing on quality over quantity, saying, "It's extremely important to get feedback instead of putting out a ton of product."

2. Smart Luxury Is His Philosophy

Like beds, shoes are one thing worth splurging on. "I wanted to be luxury, but at a smart price point," he said.

3. He Wants To Give You A Shoegasm

Gurung admitted that he faced design challenges, happily so, saying that shoes are "one product where functionality and the design aesthetic truly need to meet. And shoes need [to evoke] an orgasmic reaction." Hell yeah they do!

4. Shoes With Bite?!

His shoe aesthetic and philosophy is "of femininity with a bite. I'm a very product-driven person," Gurung said.

5. He Isn't Stopping With Shoes

Ready for more good news? There are other accessories in Gurung's future, since he did say that accessories are the common fashion elements across cultures. "We definitely want to get into handbags and small leather goods," he said. "The most exciting time is now, and the next 10 to 15 years are going to be everything I've dreamt about: [crafting] a brand that can be global."

#GlobalGurung? I'm game.

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