Meet the World's Worst Driver

If you thought you were a bad driver, just watch this video and feel your car confidence soar through the roof, because this is a person who should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car. A surveillance camera in Calgary, Canada caught this BMW SUV trying to back out of a parking spot that had a solid 20 feet of room to work with, which is plenty. I get that it’s snowy, and weather throws us all off sometimes, but this person is absolutely the worst, bless their heart. Normally, I laugh at videos like this, but I'm actually finding myself getting really angry. I mean, who has the time to be this horrible of a driver?

Not only does the driver make 41 turns altogether (according to a YouTube commenter with way too much time on their hands), but they totally back into a car, almost pushing it off the ledge with their behemoth of a vehicle. To make the situation even more cringeworthy, the owner of the damaged car emerges from the building at one point and helps this poor fool navigate their way out of the spot.

Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there: The Calgary police even got involved in the YouTube comment section. They want to know who this driver is, and if anyone has any information. Moral of the story? There is always someone out there who is a worse driver than you. And also, everything ends up on the internet, so if you hit someone's car, leave a note, you heathens.

Image: YouTube