Dandy's Puppet Hobby Goes Off the Deep End

For a show that's been a little lacking in the action department this season, American Horror Story: Freak Show wasted no time in kicking Dandy's killing spree into high gear in the creepiest way possible. Remember how Dandy had quite literally made himself a blood bath out his mother's own blood? Well that apparently that wasn't the only horrific plan he had for Gloria's body. Wednesday night's "Tupperware Party Massacre" commenced with an Avon lady knocking at the Mott mansion, interested in speaking to the lady of the house — a request that Dandy was only too happy to oblige. Right after killing her, Dandy made human Bette and Dot puppets out of both women and the world has officially turned upside-down.

Yup, these ladies now have two heads. Dandy felt the need to transform his mother into the women he was supposedly in love with. This has the Oedipus complex written all over it. Seriously, it Freud was still around he'd even take a step back and be like "whoa, this is too much even for me." It also shows just how far down the insanity rabbit hole Dandy has stumbled. (Spoiler: a lot.) He's passed the point of no return and one can only wonder where his murderous madness will go from here. But one thing's for sure — it's bound to be a bloody state of affairs.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX