How Dario Won the 'AYTO?' Reunion Drama

Well, the "aftermath" of the epic romance that plagued the Are You the One? house between Brandon and Christina — a certified Not-Perfect-Match — was nothing good. Though they were looking friendly enough most of the time, Christina seemed pretty bent out of shape for the entirety of the Aftermath special, and it became crystal clear why as soon as she hit the striped couches with Ryan Devlin and his fancy new haircut. I didn't expect these two to make tiny AYTO? babies, but I also didn't expect Dario to come out of left field and shut down some pretty serious slut-shaming tonight either, so what do I know?

You see, while in the AYTO? house, Brandon and Christina discussed at length that neither of them would be partial to a long-distance relationship. So, after winning the money and making out in front of those 10 glorious beams of light in the finale, they decided to keep in touch and keep trying to see each other, without necessarily making a commitment. But then, everytime they saw each other, bluebirds flew around their heads, they drank milkshakes with two straws, etc., etc. So, they planned for Christina to move to Las Vegas to be with Bandon and do this thing for real. She bought the tickets, she quit her job, she sold her car...

And then five days before she was supposed to fly to Las Vegas, Brandon slept with Alex... yes, Alex from the show. (Girl Alex, not boy Alex — just to be clear.)

Christina was justifiably unhappy with this turn of events. Ryan Devlin brought all participating parties down to the special couches to talk it out and after Alex laid out the details of her and Brandon's one-on-one reunion, Christina detailed the followup: "I called Brandon and I asked him what happened. He lied to me about it, [Alex] lied to me about it, which is crazy to me, because, like, we were friends in that house."

Yes, as a friend, what Alex did was wrong, but it does not make her a slut and definitely does not make it OK for Christina to call her that. However, Christina does, seemingly without doling out any anger at Brandon, who by that point had remorsefully kissed her on her shoulder, and she didn't even recoil. Alex didn't force Brandon to sleep with her. Cut her loose as a friend? Absolutely. Shame her while giving your boyfriend who slept with someone five days before you were moving to live with him a pass? Naw, girl, don't do that.

Thank goodness for Dario, who stepped in with the mad real assist (and he wasn't even on the striped couches): "What kind of people are we to sit here and call her slut...the big issue here is about you two, so it shouldn't be about her being a slut. You should be looking at Brandon because that's who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Not Alex."

Wait to bring a little integrity to a bad situation, Dario. I will gladly accept you and your wisdom on the next season of The Challenge.

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