Could 'Sherlock' Break Up Our Boys?

One of the great things about turning a book franchise into a television series is that it allows for a great deal of creative freedom. You never know what the writers will decide to change up, making not even the book fans immune to surprise. And that's exactly the type of thing BBC One's Sherlock thrives on. Sure, it shares some similarities to its literary counterpart, however, if you were to try and deduce what will happen strictly by what the books say, I have a feeling your results would be somewhat elementary. Basically, you should learn to expect the unexpected with this show. That being said, I've attempted to come up with a few theories about Sherlock 's upcoming Season 4, which unfortunately all have a tendency to surround one thing: death.

Of course, we knew this season was bound to have dark tidings in store. In fact, writer-producer Steven Moffat said just as much back during Sherlock 's 2014 Emmy wins, calling his future plans for the series "devastating." (Gulp.) "We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan," Moffat revealed to Entertainment Weekly. Add that to the fact that co-creator Mark Gatiss recently told Radio Times to "expect tragedy" throughout Season 4 and I'd say we're all in for a world of heartache. Get those tissues ready, folks.

But as for what kind of tragic events could unfold… I happen to have a few predictions. Though I've never hoped to be more wrong.

Theory #1: Mrs. Hudson Will Die

In the words of Sherlock himself, without Mrs. Hudson around, "England would fall." And I most certainly agree. I mean, think of how terrible this would be. It'd completely destroy both of our leading men. Because as much as Sherlock acts as though he's above most human emotions, he's made it more than clear how much he cares for this lovable landlady. Remember what happened the last time he saw that she'd been manhandled?

So just think of the type of anger that would ensue if she were killed… either by Moriarty or some other unknown foe. It could send both Sherlock and Watson down a very dark path, indeed.

Theory #2: Mary Watson & Her Baby Will Meet a Fatal End

Any fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes books will be quick to point out that not only was there never any baby, but Mary Watson eventually dies. Now, as I mentioned earlier, the series is known to take some liberties when it comes to the plot, but these would be pretty huge facts to ignore and I have a hard time believing they'd change the original story arc quite so drastically. After all, if Watson has a happy family at home, there'd be no motivation for him to continue his adventures with Sherlock. So whether she dies during childbirth or at the hands of an enemy while pregnant, I'm fearful that poor Watson's world is about to come crashing down all around him. And we all know how devastating it is to see this man lose someone he loves.

Theory #3: Sherlock & Watson Will Terminate Their Friendship

Death can come in all forms and the termination of this epic bromance would be just as devastating of a blow as any literal death could ever be. Because, let's be honest here, there is no Sherlock without Doc Watson. And I shudder at the thought of anything less.

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