49 Unanswered Questions 'Serial' Left Us With

Warning: Spoilers ahead. It feels like just yesterday we started our journey with Sarah Koenig, Adnan Syed, Hae Min Lee, Jay, Don from LensCrafters, Nisha and her phone call, the cell towers, the Best Buy, the Crab Crib, Cristina Gutierrez's voice, and last but not least, Ronald Lee Moore. It's been quite the opposite of a wild ride. It's been a very mild ride, in fact. Over the 12 episodes, we wondered, as Sarah did aloud during the finale, "Did we just spend a year applying excessive scrutiny to a perfectly ordinary case?" It's a valid question, and one that doesn't really have an answer yet. Serial Season 1 is over, but the loose ends are still untied. Here are the 49 unanswered questions that Serial left us with:

  1. Who did it?
  2. Was Jay really stepping out on Stephanie?
  3. Did Adnan ever see that note Hae left for Don?
  4. Am I capable of snapping in the moment then having amnesia?
  5. What's up with Stephanie?
  6. Really, we needed so much more info on Stephanie and Jay and Adnan's relationship.
  7. Is Mr. S addicted to streaking?
  8. Is he streaking right now?
  9. Hae was being filmed by a local TV crew for her wrestling sports spotlight — why didn't anyone talk to the film crew?
  10. What exactly was the shrimp sale at the Crab Crib? Are we talking BOGO, or a percentage off?
  11. Did Dana ever get the peel 'n eat?
  12. Did she regret that decision?
  13. Does Deirdre think Adnan did it? Or Ronald Lee Moore?
  14. What is the likelihood that Adnan's current appeal, which includes Aisha's testimony, will lead to anything?
  15. How did Jay's friend only hear about Serial this weekend?
  16. What will Season 2 be about?
  17. When will it be out?
  18. Should I be keeping AT&T customer contracts, just in case?
  19. How many podcasts about the podcast are there?
  20. Can there be a Talking Serial, please?
  21. Who sits on DNA evidence for 16 years? Why wasn't that in appeals?
  22. Why didn't we dive more into the note Hae left Don?
  23. Why was it pre-written?
  24. Does that mean Hae had a plan B for the rest of that night?
  25. Doesn't that mean she could have been with anyone?
  26. Like, for instance, the camera crew?
  27. Did Adnan see that note in Hae's car and snap and kill her?
  28. Will I ever see a pay phone and not think of Serial?
  29. How much does it even cost to make a call on a pay phone these days? It's gotta be more than 25 cents? Could it be a whole dollar?
  30. Is Sarah having the best day ever, knowing that it's over?
  31. Do I trust Jay?
  32. Will Adnan's family go on another talk show soon?
  33. Do I feel bad for listening to Serial?
  34. Do I feel guilty?
  35. Should I?
  36. Are we not entertained?!
  37. How much weed did these kids really smoke?
  38. Am I satisfied with the ending?
  39. Are you?
  40. ARE WE?
  41. Why weren't there more jokes from Dana throughout the pod? #WhatNewsDoYouBring
  42. Why haven't I heard anyone say "I nursed out" before?
  43. Now that Serial is over, do we all go back to talking about how we like each other's shirts today?
  44. What is the ideal post-Serial snack?
  45. When I go to hell, will Adnan be there?
  46. What are the kids at Woodlawn High School doing today?
  47. Will my family like their Serial t-shirts for Christmas?
  48. Will there be a reunion episode on Watch What Happens Live?
  49. Is Square Space stepping out on MailChimp?

Image: Bustle