13 Times Vine Described Your Life in 2014

Though Vine was founded in 2012, I'd say it really hit it's stride in 2014. Perhaps I say that because I personally discovered some of the funniest Vines out there over the last year. I think I just finally figured out Vine's purposes. Six-second videos aren't hindered by the short length, they're enhanced by it. If you can make something funny in six seconds, then you, my friend, are your very own kind of genius. Nothing makes me more nervous than "Do it for the Vine" Vines, where someone pushes a bride into a swimming pool or something, but also nothing makes me happier than watching a three-year-old realize her life is passing her by.

If you really nail a Vine, something about those six seconds is not only funny, but universal. Oh sure, we can't all do a backflip on a wall, but much like popular Viner King Bach, we do all know that kind of person who makes everything about them: "Yeah, but that backflip, though." That backflip, though, indeed... an entire plot, complete with stunt work, in under six seconds! Yes, we've all probably seen our own lives reflected before us in tiny, unsuspecting, looping videos this year. Here are 14 times Vine explained our lives in 2014.

When You Were Trying To Holler, But Lost Confidence Halfway Through

You still went out there, and you tried though. And you looked great.

When You Vowed To Eat So Healthy

So what if you finally figured out how to make kale chips and can't stop talking about it.

When You Freaked Out About Ebola for a Hot Second


When Your Confidence Was on Point

Just look at 'em.

When You Knew You Looked Cute, But Still Needed To Hear It

"It's not a trap, I'm just asking."

When Your Job Announced It Was Starting Summer Fridays

This is how life was meant to be lived!

When You Felt Like You Deserved Something Good

Of course you want a treat. You've earned a damn treat.

When You Spent Every Saturday Night Trying Not To Wake Up Your Roommate

More like danced your way into the kitchen to make nachos, amiright?

When You Knew Exactly What You Needed To Do...

...and what you needed to was block out the haters

And Then You Addressed Those Haters Directly

They're not worth it.

When You Realized Your Limitless Potential

Sometimes you just gotta do it.

When You Got Two Numbers at the Club

First name, Chris; Last name, Mr. Steal Your Girl.

When You Knew Exactly What To Get Everyone for Christmas

Happy holidays!