What Does Harry Styles Look Like Without Tattoos?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Ah, One Direction. The boy band sensation that's sweeping the nation. I would say at this point that One Direction is less of a sensation and more of an established cultural phenomenon, but that could be my blinding crush on Niall Horan talking. These boys are everywhere, from singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with Jimmy Fallon to helping a fan propose at a One Direction concert, and you don't have to be a fan of their music in order to love the boys and respect what they've managed to accomplish. However, even if you hate their music and don't respect them, there's a good chance you know their names. Or, well, one of their names — the break out star Harry Styles. This tattooed dork is not just Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend; he's also a talented songwriter with the most interesting fashion sense in the world. But the real question is, what does Harry Styles look like without his tattoos?

Styles got his first tattoo in 2012. It's the outline of a star on the inside of his left arm, and he got it in celebration of his 18th birthday. Since then, he has loaded up on so many that it's a little difficult to keep track. After all, the boys of One Direction all seem to just really love getting as much ink as possible as often as possible — except Niall Horan, who currently remains the only member of the band without a single one. Styles is the most grievous offender and many of his tattoos make little to no sense to the rest of us.

Would it make much of a difference if they were all gone? We edited some photos to answer this burning question.

The Original Photo

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In this picture, you can see half of the tattoos Styles has of two sparrows facing each other. You can also see the top of the butterfly tattoo that graces his stomach.

Without Tattoos

Huh. Well, it's not a really huge difference, but I'm left feeling oddly... bereft. His chest just looks like it's missing something, you guys. Which it is, but still.

The Original Photo

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But his chest is not the only place that Styles is rocking tattoos. At this point, he's practically got a sleeve of them running down his left arm. Not that I'm complaining. He looks amazing.

Without Tattoos

Styles' face in this photograph pretty much reflects how I'm feeling to see him as unmarked as a 17 year old Styles used to be. It might not be a drastic change, but Styles needs those tattoos — not just for the boy band street cred but because he just looks good with them. Granted, he looks good pretty much at all times, but he still looks strangely bare without his numerous bursts of permanent ink. Here's hoping they never go away.

Image: Getty Images; Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle