8 Sexy Ways to Style Bangs Inspired By Taylor Swift, Beyonce, And More Fringed Celebs

It takes one ballsy female to pull off bangs. Not only are they forever associated with the days of grass stains and writing love notes to elementary school crushes, but they also take a whole lot of maintenance. Not just casual maintenance, either. Time. Commitment. Plus, the second you do commit, that whole quick air-dry and run out of the apartment situation won't really work. Instead, you'll have to come up with some sexy ways to style your bangs on the daily.

Looking for a few fun ways to style those strands that don't make you feel like a toddler? Check out these super cool ways to style your fringe, inspired by your favorite A-listers.

Image: @taylorswift/Instagram

Shaggy And Effortless

There are few women that would look so effortlessly perfect as Heidi Klum with undone bangs. However, the right beach spray could get you pretty close.

Image: @heidiklum/Instagram

Slicked Back

There’s nothing worse than having hair in your face when you don’t want it there. While the slick ponytail or low bun may not be the perfect look for every day, it sure is one way to handle the dreaded “growing out” stage.

Image: @nicolerichie/Instagram


This is the ultimate way to wear bangs, if you ask me. Lea Michele has 100 percent nailed the whole bangs thing for years now, taking that tame Rachel Berry look to a whole new level off-screen. Try blow drying your bangs using a large, rounded brush to achieve maximum volume, and, of course, set your style with hairspray.

Image: @msleamichele/Instagram

With An Unassuming Ponytail

Beyonce can do no wrong, which holds true with this simple up-do. Keep your pony sleek and your bangs blown out, so this look feels styled, not sloppy.

Image: @beyonce/Instagram

Swept To The Side

Side swept bangs are great… if you have the right amount of time to fluff and position them just right. Try teasing your bangs, then securing them to one side with a bobby pin, using hairspray to hold them into place. After the spray sets, remove the pin, and voilà! J.Lo-worthy volume.

Image: jlo/Instagram

With A Hat

I know what you’re thinking: Wouldn’t most hats cover up my bangs? Nope. Just look at how chic Jennifer Hudson looks in this large-brimmed beauty. Make sure to angle your hat up to show off your face-framing hairstyle.

Image: @iamjhud/Instagram

With A Dainty Headband

Headbands are one of those things many of us tried to leave behind after middle school, but Blair Waldorf changed that real quick after the first season of Gossip Girl. Now, simple, elegant styles are on trend and available everywhere from J.Crew and Anthropologie to Loft. The catch: Make sure you’re not opting for something with too much bow-age, for fear of being mistaken for a real life Minnie Mouse.

Image: @taylorswift/Instagram

As Part Of A Chic Bob

Attempting a bangs-into-bob look is a risky shape that could easily leave you looking like Lord Farquaad. However, Tyra Banks nails this look.

Image: @tyrabanks/Instagram