How To Make 'House Of Cards' Style Chic

The third season of House of Cards had us binge-watching and thinking about our wardrobes. This time around, Robin Wright's character Claire Underwood carries an elevated wardrobe that's "serious in the front and feminine in the back," as her stylist told WWD. The quote was in relation to one specific burgundy suit designed for Claire, but I think we can apply it to our aspirational Washingtonian chic goals: a style mullet, of sorts.

We all have real-life inspirational political role models like former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton and Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, as well as Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope and Veep's Selina Meyer. Pantsuits and high-fives all around, they exude confidence and class. And over recent years, the nation's capital has elevated its fashion game on and off-screen, particularly with the younger crowd who's taking the staleness out of any statement.

Despite covering White House affairs (foreign, not tabloid) and being named one of the district's "most stylish," my claim to fame is in the form of my scenes as a background actress for the Netflix series (including but not limited to playing a Brooklyn hipster). So here are some ways that get my vote to create a serious style statement the modern way — where Washington pearls are a girl's best friend:

Channel Jackie O.

Think timeless Chanel like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but put a twist on black and white for workwear. Don't forget your tote at the table.

Channel Michelle O.

The First Lady is all about keeping us moving, so show off your arms during your time at the podium. Stand tall in fitted dresses and wear bold colors no matter which way your political views swing.

Channel Nancy Pelosi

Update your black jacket and shut it down by wearing a tweed one structured for any debate on Capitol Hill. Shake on it with some sparkly accessories.

Channel Olivia Pope

Remember how Scandal covered up Kerry Washington's character's baby bump? The secret's all in the camera angles and textured coats. Get inspired by these trench coats from the set and get ready to fix/own anything.

Images: Netflix; Instagram/Courtesy Users