Spelling Mnemonics 7 Fashion Designer Names

Certain fashion designer names are sneakily difficult to pronounce. Everyone knows that. Whether or not anyone is ready to admit it, remembering how to spell certain fashion designers names can be just as annoying. From that ever-tricky double-B in "Gabbana" to the fact that Erin Fetherston's last name seems like it would have an "a" in it, plenty of designer names have tricky little details that you've probably stumbled over at one point. For me, remembering the double-R's and double-T's in "Ferretti" is always a challenge.

But it's fashion month, and you don't want to have to Google Giambattista Valli every time you need to spell it. Your word processor probably won't recognize these nichey proper nouns, and relying on Gmail to autocorrect you isn't a great strategy either. With the way that dictionary works, you're basically asking for Mischka to become something totally obtuse like "mission" or "marinade." Because a guide to designer name pronunciations exists, there really need to be some mnemonics for their names. It's only fair.

This, dear friends, is where I come in! I've isolated 7 trickily-spelled designer names, identified why they're so sneakily hard to spell, and devised a series of dorky mnemonics for them. You may be filling out a form that requires you to state your favorite designer's name without a spell-check device. You may be competing in a fashion-themed spelling bee. Whatever your dilemma may be, I hope that the following memory joggers can get you out of your next fashion-related spelling emergency.

Alberta Ferretti- The double R's and double T's get lost in the pronunciation.

Mnenomic - Albert-a Ferrett-ee has two R's and two T's

Badgley Mischka - Some folks may mistake the G for a J, and some may forget the c in "isch."

Mnemonic - With Badgley Mischk-ey, ADG, ISC

Dolce & Gabbana - It's a doozy to remember whether there's a double B, a double N, or double both.

Mnemonic - Spell Dolce Gabban-, double B, single N

Erin Fetherston - It sounds like this designer's last name should be spelled "feather" plus "ston," but her version is missing that crucial A.

Mnemonic - Feather minus A is the Fetherston way

Giambattista Valli - Those Italian designers with their double-consonants always get you.

Mnemonic - Giambattista Valli has 2 L's and 3 T's.

Pamella Roland - Pamela is the more common spelling, so the double L in her first name throws plenty of people off.

Mnemonic - Two L's in first is Pam Roland's verse

Phillip Lim - The classic Phillip vs. Philip distinction is always what stumps me on this one.

Mnemonic - Phillip Lim double L then you're spelling it well.

Image: Giphy