Ellen Blames #TheDress For Pants-Oriented Wardrobe

Favored talk show host of your quirky aunt, Ellen DeGeneres, has some words about #TheDress, namely that it is “an optical illusion created by the devil.” Which is, of course, based in actual fact. “It’s tearing apart friendships and families,” she says. “This is why I don’t wear dresses.” Ellen DeGeneres — protecting your most intimate relationships by way of refusing to wear a tube-shaped garment on her person.

Hotly debated by everyone from John Boehner (surely you have a country to help run?) to Taylor Swift (who thinks you’re out of your mind if you see white and gold), Dressgate left a lasting impression on the Internet (evidenced by the fact that we are still discussing it), and even overshadowed the escape of frantic llamas who terrorized the streets of Phoenix, Arizona earlier that morning. Professional adorable person DeGeneres is also amazed that the dress itself is confused about its own color, for, as she noted on her show (and much to the applause of her audience), she sees white and gold.

And she’s right, you know. The dress (or at least the photo) is a subjective illusion. As Bustle’s Caro Chauvet points out, “how we perceive its colors 'has to do with the filtering processes of our brains as it adjusts to certain colors to compensate the surrounding light conditions.'" Anyway, shout out to the Internet for birthing the meme that divided an entire nation.

Hear Ellen correctly identify the evils of #TheDress in the video below.

(By the way, team #blueandblack. If you’d like to see an actual photo of the damn thing, look no further.)

Image: ellentube