This City Has The Best Revenge For Sidewalk Peeing

Because karma also gets its way, nerds have been slowly getting revenge on all the "cool kids" since science first became a thing, and never have I been more appreciative of that science until this profound moment: Activists in Hamburg, Germany have coated the walls in a substance that splashes back at drunk people who pee on them. That's right. Science: ONE, Jerks: ZERO, and also some really awkward pee smells they'll have to explain to their roommates when they get home.

Look, public peeing is gross. I am not just saying that as a person who resents the fact that I can't drop trou and aim my pee wherever I please; I am also saying this as a citizen of this earth who possesses a working pair of nostrils and has a basic level of respect for other people's property. That is why I feel an astronomical amount of sympathy for the residents of the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg, which is apparently a hot spot for drunk revelers who just can't seem to keep their pee inside of them for very long. Often the residents will wake up and find that buildings, alleys, and even their playgrounds. WE HAVE TOILETS FOR THIS, PEOPLE. WE WENT TO SOME PRETTY EXTREME EFFORTS DIGGING ELABORATE HOLES IN THE GROUND FOR THIS EXACT PURPOSE.

The superhydrophobic (that's right: "super water fearing") substance was sprayed onto the city walls, so now drunk pee-happy people will get a taste of their own yellow medicine. They're calling it "Peeback Time" and it makes me so happy that I want to throw them a parade.

Here's the video explaining the science of it:

And because you obviously clicked here to watch assholes pee on themselves, ENJOY:

THANKS AGAIN, SCIENCE. You're a real pal.

Images: YouTube, Giphy