If You Shop Online, You Need This App Right Now

You know the story all too well: You find a pair of cute Jimmy Choo heels to wear for GNO, order them online, and when they arrive, you realize that your foot is way too narrow/wide/big/small for the shoe. This leaves you with all kinds of frustrations, one of them being that you'll have to return your pair of heels and deal with all the hassles of shipping. Well, say goodbye to all of those hassles! Presenting the Shyp app, a new app that allows frequent online shoppers (like me) to request a "pick-up" directly from their house so you don't have to bring it to the post office yourself.

What does that mean? One of their Shyp "heroes" will "pick up your items on demand, bring them to their processing facilities to be professionally packed and ship them anywhere in the world." And it's only $5. Yes, I know. To all my online shopping enthusiasts who experience the same things I do, this means we can shop without fear. No more dealing with the lines at the post office or deciding if newspaper is better than bubblewrap to safely package our items. Fabulous? Fabulous.

Curious to know more about Shyp, I checked the app's website to discover that it's really used for all kinds of shipping purposes, whether it's sending a holiday gift to Grandma in Oklahoma, or sending birthday presents to a long-distance boyfriend. But it's genius and super helpful to use for online shopping, especially when buying things online.

The app even took it up a notch and recently introduced Shyp Returns. The Huffington Post says the app, "chose about 13 popular retailers, such as Amazon, Target and Gap, and enabled users to simply input their order number to complete returns. Just from the order number, the app can tell where the item needs to go (no need to print your return label)."

Right now, Shyp is available in Miami, San Francisco, and NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn). So when exactly is Shyp coming to LA? The app's website says it will eventually be here, but my inner online shopper can hardly wait.

Images: The Huffington Post