Tiny Chihuahua Carries Cat Sibling On Its Back

Pet tricks are half the appeal of pet ownership—specifically tricks that enable your own sloth rights and help make sure you have to move less. Of course, there's also the option to patiently teach your animal roommates less productive tricks that still prove highly entertaining. But like, why wouldn't you go the lazy-facilitating route? If I could teach my cat to—I don't know—deliver corn chips or wine to my desk, please trust I would do that immediately. In the meantime, while we work on basic commands like "please don't poop on the floor because it makes me sad," we can find inspiration in this woman who successful trained her pet chihuahua to fetch its cat sibling and bring it back inside the house. The minuscule pup drapes the amazingly chill cat across its back like an oblong beanbag and trots around like that as if it were NBD. This is a BD, dog! I shouldn't be freaking out about this as much as I am. I have no idea what kind of real-life experiences this could be helpful with (other than the obvious need to have a cat in your lap ASAP), but practically is not our top priority right now, clearly. This is flat-out adorable and insane to watch happen in video form. Please join me in awe:

Some cursory research reveals chihuahuas are not easily house-trained. Since getting an animal to poop in a designated area is a pretty basic form of training, the fact that this woman got her itsy-bitsy canine to perform a fairly complex and physically grueling task is extra impressive. Someone give this woman an award. And give her chihuahua a doggie massage.