This Is The Doodle-Friendly Desk Of Your Dreams

Sometimes, when deep in the creative process, our brains kind enter a trance-like state in which we're almost dreaming. It's a flowing groove that can stretch for hours if there's no outside force threatening to disrupt it. As a writer, that most sinister force likely to pull a grinding halt to my efforts is my computer losing charge or the battery dying. To an illustrator, I imagine running out of sketching surfaces has got to trigger the same unfortunate effect. At least for the latter scenario, MCAD student Kirsten Camara created a design to help decrease that likelihood. It's a desk that basically enables what is almost endless scrolling. She calls it the Analog Memory Desk and it's absolutely insane in the best possible way.

OK—it isn't quite endless, but 1,100 yards is pretty darn close to endless, in my opinion. There are hand cranks under the tabletop surface so you can easily refresh the paper supply when you've out-doodled your welcome on the current surface. Plus, it's super gorgeous. Unfortunately, Analog Memory Desks aren't available for sale already intact. However, Camara published the blueprints she used to make the prototype. They're available now on Creative Commons so handy folks can build their own and I don't know—perhaps use the enormous scroll to sketch additional badass designs.

Here's a closer look at the scrolling mechanism:

Some of the supplies needed to DIY it:

And the actual blueprints, spelling out the whole shebang:

Unreal. Side note: Who wants to come over and build me a desk?

Images: Courtesy of Kirsten Camara