DIY Crayon Lipstick? No Thanks...

Beauty Youtubers can't stop, won't stop trying to get you to color your mouth with all the shades of the Crayola box. I'm talking about DIY Crayola lipsticks, of course. Something tells me this isn't exactly what the company meant by "color outside the lines," but hey — at least it's an original use for that 64 pack gathering dust since your middle school days in the back of your parents' attic, right?

I'm as big on nostalgia as the next '90's-lovin' gal, and there's nothing like a box of fresh Crayola crayons to conquer up those sweet kindergarten memories of coloring books. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I harbor any desire to wear them on my face. This is where I differ from the dozens of beauty bloggers and Youtube makeup gurus who try and push the DIY Crayola lipstick trend upon the innocent '90s fans on the World Wide Web.

That kid in your class who was constantly eating crayons whenever the teacher's back was turned? Well, this is his time to shine! Youtube videos of guys and gals melting down their crayons to achieve that perfect lipstick shade and blogs detailing how to get the look yourself have been cropping up for years now and it doesn't look like they're stopping anytime soon. Want that trendy Raw Sienna, bold Razzmatazz, or sweet and pretty Carnation Pink in your makeup bag? It's apparently as easy as a box of crayons, a boiler, and some coconut oil.

This has become such a thing in fact, that Crayola actually had to release a statement on their official website, urging people not to smear crayons on their lips.Thanks for the tip, Crayola. But I doubt these beauty bloggers are willing to listen to reason, when even they admit that the safety and healthfulness of this practice are dubious at best. Well, I mean, at least you'll have the comfort of knowing you look like a uNiC0rN pRinCesS** when you get carted off to the emergency room.

We get it — the colors are awesome and encompass every shade imaginable, from Robin Egg Blue to Atomic Tangerine. And who isn't a Crayola fan? But there're tons of other ways you can incorporate the nostalgic brand into your beauty routine... without the potential health hazard.

Crayola Lip Shine Gloss

A welcome replacement for Bonne Bell withdrawal, these lipglosses come in sweet flavors like Tropical Punch, have an air of childhood whimsey to them, and — ya know — won't kill you of you accidentally swallow some. They look especially delectable layered over a bold, bright lipstick.

Crayola Color-Changing Loofah

Ok, seriously, how fun does this sound?! It's a loofah that changes Crayola shades with warm water! Not the most mature shower product, but definitely the most exciting.

Crayola Hair Color Stix

Not quite brave enough to go all the way when it comes to unconventional hair color? Crayola has got you covered with this temporary hair dye representing some of their most-loved shades, including Wild Blue Yonder, Razzmatazz, and Electric Lime. Totally parent-approved.

Crayola Scented Nail Polish

Bright, candy-colored shades, sweet scents, and no potential hospital visit required? Check, check, and check.

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