These Outfits Prove FKA Twigs Loves A Risk

Songstress, dancer, and holder of our hearts FKA Twigs pulls the dauntless style card at any opportunity. Without or without her stylist, the unequaled Karen Clarkson, she consistently throws beauty editors curve balls with her wildcard looks, and that certainly applied to her look at the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Fashion Gala, a multicolored feather ensemble from the late designer’s Spring 2008 collection. It absolutely stuns.

She paired the butterfly gown with a chunky black Louboutin platform sandal and a crown of simple braids (a la her LP1 cover) — a smart move that allowed the dress to tells its own story without much distraction, but complemented FKA Twigs’ style. And to pull off such an outrageous design without drowning in it certainly speaks to her capacity as a style icon.

I have this theory that FKA Twigs is something of a Björk of the younger generation (in fact, McQueen worked with Björk on several projects). She manages to challenge conventions of beauty while also making art that very much stands on its own, while her contemporaries are frequently being weighed (literally and figuratively) for whether they fit the mold of whatever the industry dubs "so hot right now." And much like Björk, her music doesn’t rely on accessibility as a meter for its success. “I’m appealing to people who want something different,” she tells the Guardian, “but the world, on the whole, doesn’t really embrace different things. Not on the whole.”

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Below, an homage to some of our favorite looks from the indelible songstress:

"At the Balenciaga show they teamed that jacket with a pair of trousers, but we styled it as a dress with those amazing boots from Givenchy's spring collection," stylist Karen Clarkson told Fader. "We're not that interested in Twigs looking like a walking fashion magazine, we want it to be natural and spontaneous."

Currently taking notes for spring (if it ever arrives).

Show me another human being (with the exception of maybe Madonna) who can pull this off on a red carpet.

That is a skirt with a pant leg. The pant leg is working.

Here she is wearing her Robert Pattinson accessory.

That LIP shade.

All of this.

Keep doin’ you, baby girl.

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