Diplo Tasked With Reviving K-Swiss With A Twist

K-Swiss, despite the name, is an American sneaker brand that has been around since 1966. It had a surge in the '90s and has been languishing a bit in the past few decades and hasn't really excited me much. Until now. K-Swiss has appointed DJ Diplo to a unique position in the company. Diplo, who is a supposed and (possibly former) BF of Katy Perry, will oversee "The Board," a campaign that will also draft young, ambitious, and entrepreneurial talent to revitalize the brand.

So WTF is "The Board?" I am glad you asked.

Diplo will be the Director of this entity, which will boast 100 creative people who will work on tasks to return the brand to its former glory. So it's like The Apprentice, but cooler. Diplo has better hair than The Donald anyway!

But K-Swiss, known for stark, white leather kicks that are sorta like Adidas, but a bit less signature, wants young, stylish people to "own" the brand and be responsible for outfitting millennials, rather than put it in the hands of a celebrity endorser who dons the shoes for photo opps and little else. Customers are now invited to bro down with Diplo and be a part of the process of rebuilding K-Swiss.

Think you have what it takes to be on "The Board?" Submit your app from now through April 30.

But make no mistake. This is actual work.

Applicants will be invited to a members only website featuring a six course curriculum with industry insiders who have specific expertise. "The Board" will decide on things like how to position the brand, shoe design, social media, and more.

"I was instantly drawn to the K-Swiss brand due to their heritage and longevity in the marketplace,” said Diplo. "I am excited to be part of ‘The Board,' to bring young entrepreneurial minds into the process to help build the next chapter at such a respected brand."

He will also rock K-Swiss on his feet because duh.

So why should you apply? Here's three obvious reasons.

1. Why Not?

If you are a chosen one, this could be the opp of a lifetime. No, there's are no cameras a la The Apprentice or even Project Runway, but that's why it's cool. It's real, and real world experience, without being reality TV.

2. You Get To Put Diplo Down As A Reference On Your Resume

If you are on "The Board," Diplo is your boss and you can put him down as a reference. I'm dead serious. This is a career boost and resume builder.

3. Gratification

What's cooler than being an integral part of revamping and refreshing a brand?! It's like an internship turnt up. And you get free stuff for participating.

Images: K-Swiss (6)