Mansur Gavriel Has Just Restocked Their Website

Stop the presses! Dust off that special occasion credit card that's hiding at the bottom of your wallet and ditch that worn-out satchel you've been toting around for years. Why? Cult fave handbag brand Mansur Gavriel has just restocked their website! Do you know what this means??! That the elusive, buttery leather bucket bag of your dreams, might just materialize in your closet! If you don't mind dining on Ramen Noodles for the next year and a half, that is.

Mansur Gavriel totes, backpacks, clutches, and, of course, their infamously drool-worthy bucket bags have been favorites of the fashion elite for a while now, making the rounds on Instagram and fashion blogs. But if there is one thing these bags are (besides vibrant, gorgeous, and practical), it's elusive. Within an hour of the fall line being released, the handbags were 95% sold out.

Oh, and they're expensive. Can't forget expensive. The spring 2015 Mansur Gavriel wares go up to $795. A considerable chunk of change, but one look at those Royal blue and Rosa tan soft silhouette leather bags, and trust me when I say that you'll be bidding farewell to your rent money that month. Head over to now and get when the getting's good because as history has shown, these beautiful bags won't last long.