Your Average Relationship in 5 Minutes

How short can a relationship be? Despite the hours we spend talking about our love life, when you cut the fat you can come up with a pretty concise story. A new video, starring Autumn Stein and Matt Flynn, attempts to condense a whole relationship into five minutes (well, 5:17 to be exact). And apparently, the whole thing was improvised.

Yes, the whole thing is a little bit cliché. Matt has an overbearing mother and wants to sleep with other women, while Autumn gossips about her man with friends and freaks out a little when Matt ejaculates prematurely. Still, the duo does manage to capture a few recurring relationship highs and lows in a seriously short amount of time.

From the awkward first date where both Autumn and Matt admit to cyberstalking each other, to the "I love laying next to you [...] it's like the perfect fit," and right up to the less-than-perfect ending, the duo certainly manages to put relationships into perspective. The fact that this formulaic narrative rings so true kind of makes you think about how seriously we take dating, when, really, it's all pretty much just a silly but wildly entertaining ride.

Image: THE CHAD/Fotolia