Kendall & Gigi Are Giving Us Brow Envy

The strong brow continues to reign supreme. This Sunday, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's eyebrows popped up in an Instagram selfie that has us rushing to get rid of all our beauty products besides those related to brows. Seriously.

Jenner and Hadid some of are the hottest models of their generation — the Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington of this decade, if I may — so if they say something's hip, it's hip. With Jenner front and center and Hadid off to the right while peering over her shoulder, it's a casual snap, especially when you take into account their makeup-free faces.

It's makeup minimalism at its best. The brows are arched and sculpted, with little else by way of eye makeup, save for Kendall's dusting of light brown shadow. Their faces have no bronzer, blush, or, really, any contouring to speak of. Lipstick or gloss? Nope! Instead, it looks like they're rocking slicks of colorless balm to enhance their natural pouts.

What do you need to do to achieve a similar fresh, makeup-free, and feature-enhancing look? It's beyond simple, obviously. But it's not totally product-devoid.

These are the three quick things you need to do. Yes, it's really that easy! Start by studying the image below.

Isn't the idea of minimal makeup such a relief?

1. Moisturize

Since your face will be so bare, be sure to keep it conditioned and soft by moisturizing. Slather on your favorite facial lotion, but let it soak and dry before adding a quick dust of light powder to even everything out. Or, if you're really ready to go makeup-free, don't add anything at all!

2. Groom Those Brows

Since the brows are the focus, keep them well-groomed, be it via threading, waxing, light-touch plucking, or using a brow pencil. Obvious, right? The key, though, is using light strokes to fill everything in, so you don't end up making one of these eyebrow shaping mistakes. A coat of mascara for your lashes will balance things out, too, so your brows aren't so obviously drawn in.

3. Balm It Up

Lip balm is a brilliant product. Really. It keeps lips super hydrated and softened, and can add just a touch of color, brightening your face in the most subtle way. You can swipe and go without even looking in a mirror and that, my friends, is the kind of product I can get down with.

I look forward to maintaining this routine in the warm, sticky summer months when I want my skin to just breathe without looking totally plain. Thanks, Kendall and Gigi, for the brilliant idea.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1); Giphy (2)