15 April Fools' Day Gag Gifts To Get Your Friends Just In Time For The Silliest Day Of The Year

What better time to tell a friend, family member, coworker, or significant other that you appreciate them than on April 1st ..... with a totally inappropriate and laugh-out-loud-worthy gift? These April Fools' Day gag gifts will do just the trick without going overboard — because you still want to have friends after it's all over. Wrap them up pretty, tie on a bow, and let the laughs ensue. You may even want to get a couple duplicates for yourself (once you see the wine rack flask bra that made this list, you'll know exactly what I mean).

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

We all know somebody who has one too many cats.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, $12, Amazon

Jumbo Eraser


Know someone who’s got a shiny spot up top?

Tattoupees, $7, Amazon

Rubber Chocolates

What better way to brighten a friend’s day than with a piece of chocolate? Surprise!

Rubber Chocolates, $3, Stupid

Passive Aggressive Notes

Sponge Set

Because we’ve all seen that episode of Friends

Sponge Set, $8, Stupid

Beer Belt 6-Pack Tie-Dye

Dream Griddle Alarm Clock

It’s not real… but it should be.

Dream Griddle Alarm Clock, $7, Amazon

Animal Butt Magnets

For the animal lover… because how could they say no to these backsides?

Animal Butt Magnets, $11, Amazon

Prescription Coffee Mug

Grow A Boyfriend Novelty Gift

You may be the worst friend ever, but at least you’re the funniest.

Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Gift, $5, Amazon

The Pizza Scarf

It’s just too bizarre not to include on this list.

The Pizza Scarf, $13, Stupid

Canned Unicorn Meat

This is the saddest thing ever. Good thing it’s not real.

Canned Unicorn Meat, $20, Amazon

The Wine Rack Flask Bra

Chances are that this gag gift might actually get some use.

The Wine Rack Flask Bra, $30, Amazon

The Bacon Collection

The best thing next to bacon is bacon lip balm, obviously.

The Bacon Collection, $26, Stupid