8 Things Never To Say To Someone With Colored Hair

It's 2015, and dyeing your hair an unusual color is sort of becoming the norm. However, even as celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Kylie Jenner dabble in purple and blue hues, the general public still finds ways to ask questions that anyone with rainbow colored hair are sick of hearing. As one of those people (I'm currently rocking a bright green dye job), I can attest to this incredibly obnoxious fact. Colored hair is on television, magazine covers, and a large portion of the people you pass on the street these days, but apparently it's still a big deal.

In my years of experience with having a "weird" hair color, the annoying comments I get about it on a daily basis are enough to make me want to scream sometimes. As a public service for the people out there dealing with the consequences of trying something different with their hair — as well as the people that are confused why the question they asked someone with colored hair was met with an eye roll or a scowl — I have compiled a list of common questions and statements people with colored hair receive all. The. Dang. Time. Not only to show people with colored hair how to deal with said comments, but to inform the ones saying them that they should probably keep these to themselves.

1. “Is that permanent?”

The dye job itself? Technically considered "semi-permanent." The colored hair? Probably, unless I wake up one morning and decide to change it. Your life remains unaffected either way.

2. “Your roots are showing.”

Gah! You got me! This isn't my hair natural hair color! Have you ever thought about a career in detective work?

3. “Does the carpet match the drapes?”

After asking this question, you can guarantee that you will never find out.

4. Anything yelled out of a car window or from across the street.

This is actually just a general rule that applies to everyone, regardless of hair color. Don’t be obnoxious.

5. “I miss your natural hair color.”

Yeah, well I miss my mom doing my laundry and Nickelodeon’s coming-of-age classic As Told By Ginger , but I don’t see myself complaining about it. Much. Maybe occasionally on Twitter.


6. “Isn’t your hair, like, super damaged now?”

Why is damaged hair considered such a bad thing? It rarely gets oily, stays where you put it, and has great natural volume. Bleach your hair a couple times — you’ll see what I mean.

7. “How does your [parents/employer/significant other/etc.] feel about your hair?”

I love it. Next question.

8. “What, is it a holiday or something?”

Do my sweatpants and Duane Reade shopping bag containing tampons and Red Bull just, like, scream “holiday” to you? National Errand Day? Come on.

Images: Ben Taylor/Opening Cermony; Palmira Van/Flickr; Giphy (7)