Iggy Told 'Vogue' About Her Breast Implants

In maybe the most casually honest and open interview ever, Iggy Azalea revealed she got breast implants in Vogue's April issue, saying that although she initially wanted to keep silent about her new figure, she ultimately decided that she just "isn't into secret-keeping." As criticized as she often is for her rapping ability or her place in the hip-hop industry, she certainly can't be called dishonest.

The candid Vogue interview also includes Azalea's opinions on body image and fashion, plus one of those fun "73 Question" videos we all know and love. But, yes, your first reaction to the entire piece is probably going to be, "Wait, when did she get a boob job?"

If the Vogue interview is the first you're hearing about Azalea's new body, don't be too shocked— according to the singer, she underwent surgery for her new figure just four months ago. Azalea said she's always wanted bigger breasts and, according to Vogue, was "sick of having to sew padding into her stage costumes and wanted to be able to wear lingerie without wiring." Fair enough, I guess.

The slightly troubling aspect of this revelation is that it comes directly after her commentary on auditioning to be a model years ago and the negative effects of having the agencies tell her to lose weight or get a nose job. According to Azalea, after those kinds of comments she was "looking in the mirror a little differently." And who can blame her? But when the interview transitions seamlessly from those sort of stories to a casual mention of a boob job, it does feel a little odd to say the very least.


As a woman who can look at Azalea and happily say, "Hey, my body actually kind of looks like hers," knowing that Azalea underwent surgery to alter her figure is a little disheartening. The knowledge can easily turn "Hey, my boobs are just fine the way they are!" into "Oh, maybe they WOULD be a little better if they were bigger..." if you don't check yourself first. What's important here is to remember is that it is a woman making a personal choice with her own body and being honest and real about it. What's not as important are the specifics of that choice. Iggy Azalea getting breast implants is not about me or anyone else, it's about her making a personal choice for herself.

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Would it have been a more powerful statement to admit that she's thought of plastic surgery, but learned to love herself the way she was? For some people, probably. But it is also a powerful statement to be honest and open about such personal choices and, more poignantly, to be unapologetic about them. To say, "This is me, and this is what I did because I wanted to. Take it or leave it," is something that every woman can learn from, whether you agree with her choice or not.

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