7 Mistakes You're Making With Makeup For Daytime

I'll be the first to admit it: sometimes, I can get really carried away with getting dolled up for the day and it often leaves me wondering whether I've overdone it or made makeup mistakes for my daytime look . I don't know if some of you will understand me, but it's like one makeup product after another. I put on foundation, thinking I need more blush, then put on winged-eyeliner thinking I can't wear it without red lipstick, and it becomes a vicious cycle that's really hard for me to stop. I realize that finding a middle ground is a little tricker than I thought. All I want is to go out into the public feeling somewhat composed, but not get too carried away where my makeup is practically smeared all over my face by the end of the day.

When I was 15, I became fascinated with eyeliner. Like, obsessed with it. I would wear so much of it throughout the day. It wasn't until one of my friends told me, "Your eyes are so pretty! Have you tried putting eyeliner on your top lid?" She'd always have the perfect eyeliner style, so I thought, "Well, why not?" Soon enough, I only wore eyeliner on my top lid, and hardly wore really heavy eyeliner on my bottom lid. It literally changed my life. Not only because I felt like I looked more awake, but also because I didn't have to keep reapplying it throughout my long hours at school. It both brightened my face and attitude towards using makeup wisely.

If any of you feel like you need some change in your daytime makeup routine and don't know what you're doing wrong, here are some suggestions that might help.

1. Heavy eyeliner

Sure, eyeliner adds a lot of drama to your face and can really highlight your eye shape, but during the day, it might come off a little too strong and harsh in light.

2. Dark eyeshadow

Don't get me wrong— I love the smokey eye look. But if you do decide to incorporate this nighttime look into a sort of smokey daytime look. Instead of piling the gray and black all at once, knowing how to keep it sultry but light can really make a difference.

3. Dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks are fabulous, but sometimes when you get too close to the darker shades, it can appear too over the top during the day. I try to stick to the lighter and brighter colors throughout the day, and when I really have the urge to wear something dark, I'll put on a cherry or wine lipstick that's not too deep.

4. Too much contouring

With everyone raving about Kim Kardashian's contouring, it might seem like a step that's necessary, but truth be told, it might come off as a little much during the day. Instead of going through that entire process, consider just using a little bronzer and blush. Bronzing your cheekbones and applying blush can really help your face glow naturally (versus being super chiseled).

5. Dark mascara

Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara , $4, Amazon

If you love mascara like I do, try using clear mascara instead of dark mascara. You can apply as many coats as you want and it will never appear too heavy. If you do stick to using dark mascara in the day time, applying 3 coats at the most should be just fine.

6. Bold eyebrows

I know, I know, we all want our eyebrows to be on fleek. But instead of fully painting and filling in those brows, giving them room to breathe can really enhance your makeup during the day. Pro tip: use eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows— it helps keep them look full, but also natural.

7. Not having foundation with SPF

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, $65, Amazon

This is super important! Since it is daytime, and you'll most likely be encountering the sun at some point, it's crucial to keep your face protected from those rays. There are a lot of foundations/moisturizers with built-in SPF, so there's no excuse when it comes to shielding your skin from the sun.

Again, just my two cents, but whether you're wearing makeup for daytime or nighttime, it's always important to keep one thing in mind. It's all a balance, balance is everything.

Images: Courtney Rhodes/Flickr; Sephora; Amazon; Giphy (4)