There Is A Bacon Food Hack That Will Change Your L

I never treat bacon as a side boo. Bacon is more than a $2 plate you place next to your pancakes at iHop: Bacon is a garnish, main course, condiment, staple, lover, fighter, and friend. Bacon is already the cumulation of culinary genius, so when I think of BLT hacks, of course I never think of improving the bacon itself. How can you improve upon the closet thing to perfection that graces this earth? Well here's the answer: It's not the bacon, it's you. You aren't treating bacon right. You're denying yourself the opportunity to taste its crispity deliciousness in every single bite of what would otherwise be a mediocre (and possibly vegan, blargh) sandwich. That, my friend, is an ultimate sin. Fortunately, this Food and Wine video will show you how to cook bacon because, honestly, it's time to clean up your act so you can get the most out of this blessed food.

The solution is actually rather simple: a bacon weave! By intertwining slices of bacon into a compact square, it is literally impossible to take a bite of BLT without bacon in it. The other perk? The bacon never slips out of your sandwich. The video was created by Food and Wine's Justine Chapple, who demonstrates this bacon hack as part of the "Mad Genius Tips" segment. Fortunately for us lazy foodies, the bacon weave only really requires 5 steps.

1. Slice the slab of bacon in half

Feel free to take a few moments to admire its glorious meatiness.

2. Weave the bacon into a gorgeous bacon rug

Elementary school art never prepared us for this.

3. Place the bacon on a baking sheet covered with a rack

You want to use a rock to keep the bacon flat so it will fit nicely on your sandwich.

4. Stick the bacon in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees

Try not to go crazy with the delicious bacon smell filling up your home.

5. Remove and, voila! A delicious bacon weave

Now brb, gonna find some bacon.

Images: aboikis/Fotolia; YouTube(5)