A 'No Twerking' Pledge for Students?

If you for a minute doubted the power of the Twerk, look how it's scared school administrators around the country. Teens are evidently mimicking Miley so often and so suggestively that some schools are making students vow to abstain before attending school dances.

Students at River Ridge High School in Lacey, Washington, must sign a pledge agreeing to not engage in "inappropriate dancing." Prohibited practices listed in the pledge include "bending over 45 degrees," "laying on the ground," "touching the ground," or otherwise dancing in a manner "that looks like you're having sex."

And this is not an isolated incident — at least three schools in Maryland have also instituted some sort of dance pledge.

South River High's pledge includes such requirements as "no back to front dancing; no squatting or bending," and "[No] freaking, grinding, or any other dancing that can be construed as vulgar or provocative — including TWERKING."

Not only is the twerking considered offensive, but so are the outfits worn to dances. South River High's pledge warns students that "dresses that expose excessive amounts of skin, including the midriff, chest, or legs above the knees, are not acceptable." It was downhill from the moment we bared our ankles, Ladies.

The consequences are pretty standard. Students who violate the pledge are thrown out and can be barred from future dances.

School officials explain that these policies are meant to ensure all students, as well as parents, are comfortable. "This [sexually explicit dancing], unfortunately, has become the norm. Some of this crazy dancing [...] makes others feel uncomfortable," Annapolis High School Principal Susan Chittim told the Capital Gazette. "Some kids feel left out because of the dancing that occurs." Looks like we might just have to leave the twerking to Miley.