These Terrifying Halloween Makeup Tutorials Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Ah, Halloween: The one time of year where looking like you've just survived a zombie apocalypse or a freak accident is socially acceptable. 'Tis the season for all things spooky, after all, so giving yourself a bloody special effects makeover with gross halloween makeup is the way to do the holiday justice.

It's time to break out all of the liquid latex, scar wax, and cheap fake blood you can secure, because scaring the bajeebers out of anyone who crosses your path is going to take some creepy creativity. From a rotting face to a bizarre facial accident with a pencil, there are no limits to how gross your SFX makeup can get. It doesn't matter if you plan a gory costume in advance or go the last minute Halloween makeup route; There's just no going wrong with a blood spattered, skin tattered makeover on Hallow's Eve. Often DIYable with household materials like cotton, glue stick, and food coloring, you don't even have to break the bank with costly effects makeup.

If you're itching to try your hand at bloody, clawed, and impaled makeup, look to these 21 repulsive tutorials for spooktastic inspiration.


Stapled On Face

This half glam, half dead Halloween makeup will definitely put your SFX skills to the test.


Impaled Eye

You may want to opt for rubber scissors and knives instead to nail this look; You wouldn't want to actually put out an eye in a freak makeup accident.


Pencil Pierced Nose

It's so unbelievably realistic, and the best part is it only takes a few materials to create.


Joker Smile

Quite the classic, the Chelsea or Joker smile is still incredibly creepy, no matter how many times you've seen it done.


Torn Mouth

With no SFX materials required, it will take artistic skill to create the illusion of bony teeth with shadows and paint, but if done correctly, this stretched mouth makeup will turn heads.


Unzipped Face

A bloody, unzipped face is as gross as it gets.


Bloody Eye

If you're new to creating creepy Halloween looks, this bloody eye tutorial will be a great introduction into the art of SFX makeup. It's not only quick and easy, but also uses materials you probably already own.


Slit Throat

Look like a victim of a slasher film in no time with this slit throat tutorial.


Pulled Up Skin

This Halloween look puts a demonic twist on gross makeup. Just have your shadows and face paints ready— No liquid latex, scar wax, or molding clay is necessary to get the look


Hanging Eye

It doesn't get any more horrifying than a hanging eyeball.


Missing Eye

Simple enough to master hours before you hit the town, this missing eye tutorial is a last minute look that competes with the best creepy makeup ideas.


Monster Mouth

Your skills with modeling clay will need to be on point to recreate this terrifying monster mouth.


Can In Eye

So glam and yet, so horrifying at the same time.


Masquerade Flesh Mask

This is not a drill! A masquerade mask made of ripped flesh will definitely scare the sh*t out of your fellow Halloweeners.


Two Face

Never will a charred face not be gross enough to knock 'em dead on Halloween.


Creepy Face

This mutilated face will definitely make someone pee their pants.


Sewed Mouth

It's so well done that it's hard to look away.


Clawed Face

You can never go wrong with a clawed face. Easy to nail at the last minute, it's beginner friendly SFX makeup.


Gory Jack-O-Lantern

It's not the easiest look to recreate, but if done well, this gory pumpkin face will help you secure the best costume award, for sure.


Zombie Face

Making yourself over into a skin torn, blood stained zombie is quite the Halloween classic.


Exploded Face

Yep, this definitely takes the crown for the grossest Halloween makeup, hands down!


With makeup tutorials of all skill levels available for your viewing pleasure, there's no excuse not to give yourself a SFX makeover this Halloween. If you do, it looks like you'll be in a for a night of gory, creepy fun.