5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Goodreads Account

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If you're serious about reading, there's a good chance you're already familiar with Goodreads, the literary mega-app and website. But if you've been wanting to elevate your book game to the next level, check out these Goodreads secret hacks. Ready to become a professional bookworm?

You know that one friend who you always hit up for good book recommendations, whose bookshelf is a curated work of art? Launched in January 2007, Goodreads initially sought to serve as that friend's digital bookshelf — if that friend was multiplied by, like, a million and lived all over the world.

Goodreads users can add books to their To Read, Currently Reading and Read shelves, along with star-based rating and written reviews. You can also add sub-shelves, if you, like me, enjoy being excessively organized. Connect with friends from Facebook or perfect strangers who just happen to have the exact same taste in feminist-theory-driven-Young Adult-fantasy novels by "friending" them.

Listen, I love reading, but it quickly becomes a solitary existence. For some folks, this isolation is a big part of why they read so much in the first place, but many of us crave making connections through our favorite authors and books. A few simple Goodreads hacks, and a whole new world of brilliant bookworms will appear. Get those friendship bracelets ready, because you're about to have, like, 100 new pals.

Goodreads Giveaways

Snag a copy of your new favorite book before it even hits shelves through Goodreads Giveaways. Scour through the hundred or so pages of book giveaways, enter your address, smash that "Enter giveaway" button, and ta-da! You may be getting some seriously dope surprise mail.

Goodreads Deals

Another great way to boost your personal library without breaking the bank? Goodreads Deals, which update daily, gift readers with a slew of heavily discounted e-books. Available for Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play, Apple iBooks and Kobo. Uh, you're welcome.

Love Your Library

If you're a big reader and you don't have a library card, what are you doing? Under your Goodreads account settings, head to "Book links" and make sure the "Libraries" option is at the top of your list. The next time you look up a book, you'll be able to see its availability at all the libraries in your city (or town, village, etc.).

Crowdsource The Name Of A Book

Forgetting a book title but knowing 15+ identifying details about it is the most frustrating feeling. Goodreads understands, and that's why they've created the What's The Name Of That Book??? group. Crowdsource that freaking title with arguably the most well-read community you can possibly find.

Sync With Kindle and Share Your Notes

Goodreads is integrated with Kindle, and in addition to automatically updating your Currently Reading and Read shelves, Kindle also now provides the option of sharing your notes and highlights with your Goodreads friends. Bond over a favorite passage or debate which quote best embodies the ~essence of the book~.