6 Game-Changing Benefits Of Owning A Bidet

By BDG Studios

Whether you are looking for a gentler way to clean yourself, trying to live a greener lifestyle, or are perhaps just tired of going to the grocery store only to see empty toilet paper aisles, now might be the perfect time to invest in a bidet. Though conversations around rear-end care can be a little awkward, the bidet convo is one that’s worth having – especially considering countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have been using these devices for over 300 years.

And while bidets have surged in popularity in 2020, many still have yet to comprehend why investing in your first bidet is such a life-affirming game-changer. To help Bustle readers of all walks of life understand the benefits of getting a bidet, we teamed up with TUSHY to put together this handy list of all of the net positives you will see once you make the leap from TP to a bidet-centric lifestyle.

You Save Money

In light of these strange and uncertain times™, many have been more hard pressed for cash than ever before due losing all or partial income due to Covid-19. The average American spends about $15-$20/month on toilet paper and families of course spend way more. With TUSHY at $79, within a few months, you’re paid off and you end up saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of TUSHY.

You Use Less Water

While it might seem counterintuitive, you actually use less water with a bidet than with traditional toilet paper. Take for instance, the amazingly functional and long lasting bidets made by TUSHY. It takes just one pint of water to properly wash your nether regions with a TUSHY Classic bidet.

Comparatively, it takes about six gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper. Zooming out even more, annually, TP manufacturers use 437 billion gallons of water, 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15 million trees to make their product.

You Create Less Waste

Toilet paper creates a ton of waste, in use and in production. Roughly 15 million trees are demolished each year to make toilet paper, with Americans leading the pack using close to 8 million tons. Each time you use a bidet, you are not only helping your rear-end to feel cleaner and softer, you are saving trees in the process. And while some may prefer to use sanitary wipes (because let’s face it, dry paper isn’t cleaning anything), their health and environmental effects can be just as harmful. Before your next batch of wipes goes down the drain, you may want to consider if those same wipes contain non-biodegradable plastic fibers that will inhabit the earth much longer than you might have bargained for.

You Support Healthier Feminine Hygiene

Whether you are using dry toilet paper or sanitary wipes, both products stand the risk of causing you to contract uncomfortable skin rashes, which may be due to irritation or even MCI (or methylchloroisothiazolinone), a chemical frequently used in antibacterial products. Some infant-geared baby wipes aren’t even ideal for babies, as some brands carry skin-irritating preservatives and fragrances. Wiping with standard toilet paper can also be grounds for incessant grime, as the use of TP poses a risk to basic feminine hygiene. Some bacteria commonly used on toilet paper can always be especially harmful for women, as it's estimated that three out of four American women could be prone to yeast infections stemming from these ingredients, not to mention the 23 million cases of hemorrhoids and eight million cases of UTIs women are subject to annually.

TUSHY encourages the much-needed shift from paper to water. As the signature product of the brand, TUSHY Classic is a bidet geared towards thoroughly cleaning you regardless of what’s happening below, from your healthiest days to when irritations happen (not to mention that time of the month.)

And for those who might be nervous about installation, let me tell you that TUSHY is a cinch to set up in your bathroom. Your TUSHY can be install in just a mere 10 minutes and yet will change and enhance your bathroom experience for years to come.

You Feel More Refreshed (At Home And On To Go)

This one is a no brainer: Bidets feel great. Whether you like a refreshingly cold wash with their TUSHY Classic or want a bathhouse-like experience with their TUSHY Spa — which comes with the ability to connect an additional hose to your sink’s hot water for warm, soothing purification — you are going to feel cleaner and be healthier doing so. If you’re in need of an extra boost, their $69 premium TUSHY Ottoman footstool can give you a lift to prevent straining while feeling like a queen on the porcelain throne. The Ottoman also promotes healthier bowel movements as it helps you to squat in a more natural manner.

On the go? Consider grabbing the conveniently portable TUSHY Travel for a conscientious rinse wherever you are. No toilet needed, as the $29 cleaner is handheld. Rather than grabbing a mound of toilet paper next time you go camping, you can discreetly use the collapsible TUSHY Travel in any neck of the woods. With an adjoined carrying case, the TUSHY Travel holds up to 11 fl oz of water, which can be rinsed out and refilled for your next use.

You Give Back With Every Purchase

With so many positives coming from bidet use, it should come as no surprise that the company that makes these products also has noble ambitions of their own. At TUSHY, each bidet purchase you make goes directly towards helping to provide clean community toilets in India, through TUSHY’s partnership with Samagra Sanitation. Not only will you be feeling yourself, you’ll be feeling for those in need as well.

While these truths may be more than self-evident, it takes a certain amount of deprogramming as we've been conditioning to reach for toilet paper every time that nature calls. "Since the late 1800s, we have been led to believe that toilet paper does the job, but all it does is cost us money every month (to the tune of billions of dollars per year if you add us all together), kill millions of trees per year, and cause chronic infections and disease down there like UTIs, hemorrhoids and fissures," says Miki Agrawal, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of TUSHY. "I mean, would you jump into your shower, NOT turn on the water, and start wiping down your body with dry paper? People would call you crazy! So why are we doing that to the dirtiest part of our body? It’s time to upgrade our toilet habit from dry toilet paper to a precise stream of clean water. "

Need more convincing? Visit TUSHY’s website for more information on why making the switch from paper to water is the right move for you right now. Making the transition from recurrent toilet paper use to TUSHY’s line of bidets isn’t just a win for the ecosystem, but it will also leave your money maker looking and feeling as good as gold.

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