I Tried The Underwear With A 30,000-Person Waiting List & OK, I Get It Now

Courtesy Olivia Muenter

There comes a point in every young adult's life when it's time to throw out the falling-apart, riding-up, ceaselessly uncomfortable thongs and boy shorts of their youth and actually invest in underwear that will last. For some, maybe that's buying fancy lingerie. For others, perhaps its purchasing good ol' Hanes in bulk. For me? I was in search of the elusive underwear that is somehow both comfortable and cute. Nothing too frilly or over-the-top, just solid everyday basics that didn't make me cringe when I looked at in the mirror. I've never tried anything from Everlane, so when the brand launched underwear, I wasn't that interested. But then I heard these underwear have a 30,000-person waiting list. I was intrigued.

If 30,000 people were convinced these underwear were going to be amazing, then I figured it couldn't hurt to give them a try on my journey to ultimate underwear happiness. It's important to know that part of the popularity of the underwear is inherently linked to Everlane's popularity. The brand is known for comfortable, sturdy, well-made basics. I've never met someone who thinks Everlane is just OK. In my experience, there are two types of people in this world: Everlane super fans, and those who have never tried Everlane. The staunch dedication of these fans is such that I am fairly certain that Everlane could release a burlap sack and people would line up around the block. As someone who has no opinion on Everlane, I felt comfortable trying on the underwear with no bias whatsoever.

Courtesy Olivia Muenter

When the personalized cardboard underwear package arrived at my desk, I was already pretty charmed. I opened the box to find my pair of heather gray bikini-style underwear, a black tank bra, and a tiny satchel of potpourri for your lingerie drawer (yes, really), and a lingerie bag. I mean, it was all pretty adorable. I immediately felt as if I should be composting and going to the farmer's market more regularly. But I had to remain focused and unbiased. I wasn't about to let the tiny (albeit great-smelling) bag of potpourri distract me from the task at hand: figuring out what the hell is up with these underwear that 30,000+ people want.

For all the understated, charming details of the packaging, these underwear don't appear to be anything special. They're $12, gray cotton, and, well, that's about it. They start at a size XXS (000) and go to a size XL (14), so I chose the 14 which aligns with my usual pant size. I'm not usually a bikini underwear style fan, as I prefer a higher waist line, but I have to say... these almost changed my mind.

If you are looking for a pair of underwear that are going to cover your entire butt and/or have a higher rise, these aren't for you. Still, these are comfortable. They're soft without feeling delicate, and the cut is somehow both cute and sexy at the same time — the perfect balance of design and everyday practicality. They stretch in all the right places while still feeling secure and comfortable, never pinching or too tight. They're ridiculously easy to wear, and really do feel like you're wearing nothing, as the site describes.

While bikini-style underwear still aren't my favorite thing in the world (I am excited to buy Everlane's higher-rise hipster underwear next), there's no denying that these underwear are remarkably nice. I felt good wearing them under clothes, but also just walking around my apartment in them. As the largest size of their size line and someone whose size can range from a 12 to 16 depending on the store, I was admittedly a little nervous to try them on, especially after reading some hit-and-miss reviews of their size-14 pieces. These are great underwear, though. Maybe even 30,000-person waiting list great underwear. Would I say the same if they weren't ridiculously comfortable and only $12? Maybe not. But the combination of quality and price is hard to argue with.

Courtesy Olivia Muenter

In terms of other undergarments, Everlane is also now selling a tank bra (The Bra) and a bodysuit (The Bodysuit). While I haven't tried the bodysuit just yet, The Bra was just a little big on me, so as a not-large-chested gal, I'll probably have to size down from an XL to a L to avoid the straps falling down. Next on my list to try is The Bodysuit, which I have very high hopes for — if it's anything like the underwear, I may just officially call myself one of those Everlane superfans, too.