Pete Davidson's 'Game Of Thrones' Rap Includes A Surprise Twist Even Tyrion Would Appreciate

by Savannah Walsh

These days, it can sometimes feel like Game of Thrones is the only show that exists. As the May 19 finale quickly approaches, GoT is the series everyone is talking about. That was certainly the case for Saturday Night Live when Pete Davidson rapped about Game of Thrones during the Season 44 finale. Or, at least, so it seemed.

The tribute rap started out hilariously enough with Davidson giving some non-specific shout outs to the hit HBO series. When SNL cast member Kenan Thompson reveals his own GoT shirt and asks Davidson why he's never mentioned his fan status before, Davidson responds with a hilarious reference to his own life. "I really don't like to talk about my personal life, man," he said, potentially referring to his recent high-profile romances with Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale. "I don't like that attention." Both Davidson and Thompson give knowing glances to the camera.

But soon, it becomes pretty clear that Davidson's never seen a Game of Thrones episode. He vaguely describes the show by rapping, "Jon Snow, dragons, lotsa wolves, blue zombies, armor clothes, silver swords that extendo, prostitute houses, lotsa wine and a big ass wall. Never miss an episode. There's hobbits and toads. Magic and muggles, I assume some crows."

After Davidson fails to register a cameo by Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson, Thompson encourages him to pay homage to a show he actually loves. "Look, Pete, you don't have to do a rap about Game of Thrones just because it's the most popular show in the world right now."

So instead, with the help of both host Paul Rudd and musical guest DJ Khaled, Davidson spits verses about his surprise favorite. That show is the one and only 2015 Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie. Rudd sports a shirt with the series' logo on it, while Khaled declares it "better than Game of Thrones." Davidson describes the underrated epicness of the show, which began in 2015 and stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll grab a hanky," Davidson explained. "They're opposites who run a business selling dildos: ain't that classic?"

Davidson is referring to Grace and Frankie's sex toy business for older women called "Vybrant." The three cycle through several storylines from the show including Robert's (Martin Sheen) sleep apnea, Grace almost sleeping with a married man, and Tomlin's onscreen romance with Ernie Hudson. Rudd also hilariously references Lisa Kudrow's Season 4 stint on Grace and Frankie. (For those who haven't dedicated their lives to Friends, Rudd's character Mike was married to Phoebe on the NBC comedy.)

This isn't Davidson's first tribute to under-the-radar legends. In January 2018, he and host Sam Rockwell rapped about actor Stanley Tucci in the aptly titled, "Tucci Gang." Fonda and Tomlin even make a guest appearance in the digital sketch wearing shirts that say, "I heart Pete" and "Pete Can Get It!" respectively.

Khaled and Davidson closed out their atypical tribute with, "Grace and Frankie, best in the game. We out." The Season 8 GoT finale may be coming, but fans' love for Grace and Frankie will only increase after this bop of an homage.