Bustle's Editors On Las Vegas + Tom Petty

It's hard to believe it's only Tuesday, considering what an awful, news-heavy week it's been so far. The tragic Las Vegas shooting left dozens of people dead and many more injured, and combined with the continued devastation of Puerto Rico, and Tom Petty's untimely death, we've all had trouble processing everything that's occurred.

It's perfectly understandable if you need a break from the hard news of the last few days — we all deserve one. But if you're willing to take a look, here's the latest on Vegas, Tom Petty, and more.

Las Vegas + The Aftermath

As you all know by now, Monday saw the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The Las Vegas attack left 58 dead and hundreds injured, and information is still pouring in about what happened and how the massacre occurred. And if anyone tries to tell you that we shouldn't politicize the tragedy, remind them that yes, now is the right time to talk about gun control. Change is needed, and as we've learned time and time again, "thoughts and prayers" aren't nearly enough.

How To Help: You don't have to be in Las Vegas to help out the victims and their families. If you're able, give to funds and donate blood.

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Tom Petty + His Legacy

Monday was also a difficult day for music fans, as it marked the death of legendary rocker Tom Petty, at the age of 66. Petty, who passed away from a heart attack, was responsible for iconic tracks like "Free Fallin'" and "American Girl," as well as the lyrics behind pop hits like Sam Smith's "Stay With Me." He'll be greatly missed by many.

Quote Of The Day: "You belong among the wildflowers" — Petty in his 1994 song "Wildflowers." The lyrics are being used to pay tribute to the musician. R.I.P., Tom.

Self-Care + You

If the tragedy in Vegas, the devastation in Puerto Rico, and the other recent heartbreaking events feel too overwhelming to process, you're not alone. Remember, it's important to practice self-care in difficult times like these. As these experts say, it's crucial to be kind to yourself in times of tragedy: go on walks, read books, get a massage, and talk to friends. You need it.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to these 13 subtle bodily changes, which can say a lot about the state of your physical and mental health.

Breast Cancer + Lingerie

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one of the organizations helping to spread awareness is Lonely Lingerie. The company teamed up with cancer nonprofit Sweet Louise for a powerful portrait series featuring women with incurable cancer wearing lingerie. Seeing these strong women celebrate their bodies is deeply moving, and if you're so inclined, you can buy a shirt commissioned by Lonely Lingerie and 100 percent of its proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation in New Zealand.

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Puerto Rico + Hurricane Relief

As Puerto Rico continues to recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the island's people still need all the help they can get. If you're a book lover, here's a cool way to help out — donating via the #PubforPR online auction gives you the chance to get a character named after you in new books by YA superstars Rainbow Rowell and Victoria Aveyard. What are you waiting for?

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Today's WTF Moment: It's Mean Girls day, and Twitter's response is.... a lot.

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