These Were The Top 10 TikTok Beauty Videos Of 2019

Chesnot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the year closes out, brands are rounding up their best of the year lists, revving you up for 2020. TikTok announced its top 10 beauty and style videos of the year as part of the platform's TikTop 100 of 2019, highlighting various video categories on the platform. And based on the videos featured in the list for beauty and style, it’s beginning to look a lot like TikTok is the new spot for tutorials on hair, makeup, nails, and OOTD suggestions.

The popular video platform has been gaining steam for a while among gen Z-ers and millennials since it evolved from its era. TikTok announced the top 100 videos on Dec. 9 in 10 Top 10 lists of videos popularized across the platform. The top 10 beauty & style videos of the year highlight creators in the realms of nail art, special effects, fashion, and makeup tutorials.

TikTok is known for its short videos on infinite repeat, which can make some of the videos easier to follow. The video platform’s top beauty and style videos range from decade-old trends of the past to fashionable clown makeup. Ultimately, there’s something for everyone on the platform, and it shows through each video roundup on every list. Ready for the winners? Here are TikTok’s Top 10 style and beauty videos.

1. Blue Glitter Acrylic Nails

There's something weirdly satisfying about watching liquids drip. This video from @youngnailsinc has earned almost 600,000 likes. It's one video that will inspire your next visit to the nail salon.

2. Checkered Clown

TikTok creator @abbyartistry is amazing with a foundation brush or a paint brush to her face. The makeup artist is known for you doing a lot of special effects in the form of Smurf makeup, an actual advent calendar, and even this classy clown makeup look here that's amassed over four million likes.

3. Eyes, Lips, Face

Lip-syncing videos have only gained more traction on TikTok and YouTuber James Charles no more immune to the trend than the next beauty guru. Though the look sister simple, but appropriate this time of year, this TikTok video is already over three million likes.

4. Festival Fashion

TikTok-er @Glitterandlazers gives fans a look into festival fashion from a plus size perspective. The style influencer jumps from frame to frame in six different looks that can hopefully broaden your own wardrobe palette for festival and concert season.

5. Multicolored highlights

Watching someone else dye their hair can be helpful on TikTok, especially when they're just as unsure of the results as you are. Creator @EmilyMunyak risks it all in the tutorial of her blue and red frontal highlights.

6. Hair Braiding Tutorials

Traditional hair videos are sometimes longer than necessary, but @learnwithlati makes the process look easy. Using a wig to create the masterpiece, this simple braid on braid hair video amassed over be longer.

7. Eye Makeup Challenge

James Charles makes the list for a second time using his popular Morphe palette he helped create for the beauty brand in 2018. Makeup challenges are a viral way to come up with ideas for looks and this one featuring the 35-shade palette is creative content #goals.

8. The Ultimate Glitter Face Mask

Another beauty guru who made the list of top beauty videos is @victorialyn. Throwing fans a self-care video, Victoria uses Too Faced's Glow Job Glitter Face Mask, the Social Butterfly gloss in collaboration with Jordyn Woods, and Better Than Sex Mascara in this top beauty video.

9. '80s Material Girl

TikTok Creator @addyurdaddy creates a throwback look to the '80s. Inspired by that mall montage in Stranger Things, the creator derives her style from two of Netflix style queens Max and El.

10. Barbie-Inspired Makeup

Victoria Lyn also pops up again in this list, earning the tenth spot in TikTok's list of popular beauty videos. Using the Pur Cosmetics x Barbie Collection, the creator develops this amazing pink-to-blue ombre, garnering over a million likes.

If there's one thing this roundup can predict for 2020, it's that the future is bright, colorful, and full of past style trends.