These 'Little Mermaid' Makeup Brushes Are The Only Beauty Gadgets & Gizmos You Need

If you thought your makeup brush collection was complete, just wait until you see what the brand that brought you Mean Girls Burn Book tools just cooked up. Spectrum Collections' The Little Mermaid brush line will soon hit virtual shelves, and they're the next best thing to actually being apart of Ariel's world.

You've probably been living under a rock if you haven't noticed that mermaid makeup is trending. Yes, iridescent glitters, duochrome glosses and aqua hues are still having their moment, so you're going to want the perfect siren-inspired tools for getting an 'under the sea' glam on. And there's no better muse for mermaid brushes than the gizmo-loving, dinglehopper-collecting, Disney princess Ariel. She's OG Disney royalty who's gorgeous red locks and sea green tail inspired the prettiest set of Spectrum Collections applicators.

The UK-based brush retailer sure knows a thing or two about killer collaborations, because their new Disney tools are just too good to pass up. Even Disney villain legend Ursula is getting the spotlight, inspiring her own set of dreamy brushes within the collection. There's just one teensy (but heart-breaking) catch to giving these mermaid treasures a home in your stash.

Don't let the collection's "sold out" tag fool you. The Little Mermaid brushes don't officially launch until May 31, according to Spectrum's website, so they'll be up for grabs soon.

The only thing stopping you from snatching these pretties up is not having a UK address. Although Spectrum Collections does ship to the US, the Ariel-inspired brushes will only be available in the UK and Ireland. That means stateside beauty lovers will have to hit up their UK-based contacts if there's any hope for getting your claws on these mermaid brushes.

You'd better start phoning an overseas friend ASAP. Once you see every multicolored brush and the beautiful cases that come along with them, you're going to want everything this collection has to offer.

The star of the collection is the Ariel-inspired brush set. Featuring glimmering blueish-purple handles accented with aqua chrome, they're quite the stunning set of tools. You've got your foundation, powder, highlight, and eye brushes all in one, so this is truly a full-face bundle. Plus, their red-tipped bristles, likely fashioned after Ariel's picture-perfect mane, make them one-of-a-kind.

The Ariel applicators come encased within a seashell brush holder, embellished with studs and the Little Mermaid, herself, posed on a glittery rock. It's the perfect setup for taking your siren brushes on the go.

If the devious Ursula is more your cup of tea, then her all-over purple brushes will catch your eye. They're equally as stunning as the Ariel tools, featuring lavender bristles and royal purple chrome.

Also packed inside of a seashell, the Ursula set is travel-friendly. The case comes in a deep purple metallic finish and you can spot the sea witch living it up on the outside of the bag.

The Disney-inspired collection doesn't stop at your traditional cheek dusters and eye blenders. There's also an oval brush set up for grabs that comes housed inside of a treasure chest-like case. With the brushes able to slide into compartments on the lid, there's plenty of room inside the case to house other makeup essentials, too.

But it's not just the case that's fancy schmancy. Look closely at the detailing on the back of the oval brushes and you'll notice they kind of resemble high-end silver forks. If you're a true Little Mermaid fan, then you know Ariel had a thing for the eating utensil turned hairbrush that she dubbed a 'dinglehopper'.

Just in case you needed a makeup bag to match your Little Mermaid brush essentials, Spectrum Collections has got you covered. Accented with pearls and the fresh-faced Ariel, this chrome seashell makeup bag is beyond adorable.

Of course, Ursula had to get some shine, too. Her two-toned purple version makes for a worthy makeup bag, complimenting the Ursula brush set perfectly.

One thing is for certain: Spectrum Collections is definitely making major waves with their soon-to-be-released brushes. Transforming into a merbabe or a witchy ruler of the sea is going to be easy peasy with every beautiful treasure chest, whozit, whatzit, and thingamabob the brand is serving up.