Alice Broster

A London based freelance writer and broadcaster, Alice has written for Bustle since 2018. She loves covering sex and relationships, as well as menstrual and mental health, books, and entertainment news. She really enjoys interviewing and profiling interesting people for ‘Bustle Booth’ and ‘Quick Question.’ Alongside Bustle, Alice contributes to Forbes, HuffPost, The List, The Independent, Restless Network, BBC 5 Live, and Metro. She’s incredibly passionate about sex positive education and opening up safe conversations about bodies and sexuality. When summer rolls around she loves nothing more than pouring over the politics of Love Island and finding the hottest page turners. A true bookworm, Alice can usually be found spending too much money in a bookshop or wandering around Museum gift shops. She thinks there’s nothing as good as really great coffee, fantasy series, or fluffy kittens. From the side effects of contraception to why you sweat more when you're on your period, she thinks every situation is made better when you talk about it (preferably over a cup of tea.)