Kelsi Zimmerman

Kelsi Zimmerman is a Beauty Writer at Elite Daily, where she writes about all of the latest skin, hair, and makeup product launches — if it's in Ulta, Sephora, or otherwise all over the internet — odds are Kelsi is writing about it. She also dabbles in highlighting the latest trends in makeup, nail designs, and hair colors and styles. Kelsi's bylines have also made an appearance on,,,,, and — along with other sites. Kelsi also held a position as WWD's Fashion Editorial Assistant for three years before entering the world of freelance beauty writing. When Kelsi isn't trying out the latest beauty product launches, she is likely working out, checking one of her many horoscope apps, getting a spray tan (see, can't stay away from the beauty world), enjoying mimosas with friends, or otherwise spending money that she doesn't have on things she doesn't need. You can follow Kelsi on Instagram @keke_andthecity, where is often making fun of herself or sharing astrology memes that are all-too-relatable.