Khalia Ismain

Khalia Ismain is the co-founder of Jamii, an online marketplace and discovery platform for black creators and makers in the UK. Launched in 2016, Jamii is home to more than 250 makers and has organically grown a community of more than 38,000 people keen to align their purchase with purpose. Named as one of HSBC's "Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021" and as part of the Lloyd's Bank Black Business Advisory Board, she is on a mission to make shopping with community-owned businesses as easy as possible. Her day-to-day is largely taken up with thinking up big ideas, trying to make them happen and convincing her loved ones she's not crazy. When not subsumed in all things small business, Khalia will likely either be baking, going for walks or wondering why Notting Hill Carnival can't be a monthly event. She's a not-so-secret hair product junkie and if you ever want to see her lose her cool, tell her you brush afro hair when it's dry. You can stay up to date with Khalia on her Instagram or LinkedIn @khaliaismain.